Complements and manages the EXEcutor™ server-line


The EVCP Control Panel is PBT EU’s own intuitive web-based software application and virtual control panel that also complements the EXEcutor™ server-line.  It allows cross-platform and remote management of all functions of the master EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers. It includes remote media uploading, content, user, and playout management, as well as systems monitoring. It powerfully manages the entire server, including all its processes, conditional access rights, logging, reporting, and monitoring. It also generates alarms to alert users to relevant issues and facilitates both the operator and manufacturer’s support.  New features include alarming and notification, advanced clip trimmer and PlayList creator.

Latest updates:

Advanced clip trimmer:
• Independently trim video files
• Multi region selections
• Multi regions exporting without transcoding
• Export IN and OUT point as multiple files or merge several IN and OUT points to one video file
• Multi audio monitoring

Playlist creator:
• Create and save complex playlists
• Full capability to add video files and secondary events

Alarming and notifications:
• Playout status monitoring and email notifications
• CPU threshold monitoring and email notifications
• System drive monitoring and email notifications (e.g. free space on system drive)
• Storage/Video drive monitoring and email notifications (e.g. drive nearly full)
• License expiration notifications
• Annual service maintenance expiration notifications
• EXEcutor server warranty expiration notification

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Key Advantages:

• Users management and control
• Enhanced System Security – prevents unauthorized user access to OS and hardcoded settings
• Lower bandwidth for remote usage
• Real time preview
• HW status logs and monitoring
• Advanced logging of users, system and playout
• Integrated file management with resumable drag and drop content upload
• Standard HTTPS protocol connectivity

Key Features:

• Full control of the playlists
• Real time assets and events manipulation over on-air playlists
• Playlist preparation, preview, edit and schedule
• Upload video files directly and other content to AirBox server with auto notification using folder watch
• Add and configure secondary type of events
• Complete integrated Clip trimmer feature
• TitleBox templates browser, preview and control
• Monitoring of actual output video preview in web browser
• Monitoring and controlling of multiple AirBox playout servers in a network or in a cloud
• Built-in user permission control per each TV channel
• Monitoring of Hardware and OS resources
• Web access, responsive web design