Videoma is a complete Media Asset Management (MAM) platform developed by the Spanish company ISID. Videoma provides management systems for Multimedia Content such as video, audio and photos and is able to monitor and record the video and audio streams.
Videoma is capable of Indexing and Cataloguing the content, whether manually or automatically, through the use of different Analysis and Recognition engines, from Speech to Text, to Biometric Face and Voice Recognition. (Multiple systems available: S2T, Audio Fingerprint, Wordspotting, Speaker Recognition, OCR, Logo, Face Recognition, Plates Recognition, etc.)
VIDEOMA (COMPACT) Characteristics:

• Videoma Server – MAM
• Transcoder (for PROXY resolution)
• Connection with PlayBox EXEcutor playout servers
• 1 Documentation Scheme
• 2 Master formats (to be set up from the beginning)
• Proxy generation in H264
• 5 Users

ISID’s solutions are currently being used in all kinds of sectors, from broadcasters, media, governments and public administrations, corporations, education and health corporations, to the most demanding security companies.
Videoma Solutions can be easily integrated within other systems, therefore serving as back office of WEB VoD as the support system for Media for Content Management Systems or Big Data among others.