Remote Control

Multi Playout Manager (MPM) is a fully assignable monitoring and control system with rights management for multiple AirBox Neo channels from one or more internet-connected PC`s locally or from anywhere in the world via IP.

MPM Explained
MPM is a networked workflow solution created for multi-channel playout centers to monitor and control all channels locally and assign full or restricted user rights for any of the TV channels to one or more people to remotely monitor, control and view the TV channels from PC or Mobile Device.

MPM Flexibility
MPM allows multiple operators with sufficient rights to monitor, control and view one or multiple channels schedules, programmes, media files and etc. and to even make live changes to the output when needed. MPM can be used in a simple or complex network infrastructure complete with full redundant operation when required.

Multi Playout Manager Features

  • Monitoring and Control of Single and Multiple Channels Locally or Via Internet
  • Timeline View, View Groups and Control Groups
  • User-Friendly Web-Based Interface with Channel Preview
  • Offline Playlist Creation and Editing
  • Clip Trimmer to assign In/Out points, Clip Properties Editing and etc.
  • Manual Triggering of Events – Preset Buttons (Logo, Router Control, CG Control and etc.)
  • Support for custom MetaData from AirBox Neo
  • Web User Interface Custom Branding (Banner with Logo of the Organization)
  • Media Upload via Web Browser interface
  • Library Module (MAM, Storage connection)
  • Multiple media folders with custom metadata settings (Category and Color)
  • Drag and drop media files from library to playlist
  • Different Levels of Rights Management Assignment from Viewer to Administrator
  • On the Fly Change of Playlists