In every modern Broadcast scenario there is need for Routing Matrices to facilitate the signal switching. Redundancy and access control are the other important aspects of the workflow.

When complex systems are built and many playout servers control multiple matrices, the need for centralized approach becomes apparent. With the use of shared resources in the broadcast facilities the need for control is even greater and access only to the relevant ports of the Router is a must.

Universal Matrix Controller (UMC) offers:

– Centralized control of routing matrices (switches)
– Multiple AirBox/CaptureBox servers or other applications to share the same hardware
– Allows parts of a particular Router to be visible via Virtual Matrix (ex. Only 8×8 form 128×128 Router)
– Provides feedback for conditional switching when used in combination with PlayBox Multi-Backup Manager
– Redundant workflow with Master/Backup heartbeat monitoring logic