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Level Magic™ loudness management plug-in by Flux::

J*AF LM 5.1 Plug-in

5.1 surround, 5.1/2.0/1.0, AU/VST/AAX Native/AAX AudioSuite, 32/64bit, Windows & Mac OS X (Intel)



J*AF LM 2.0 Plug-in

stereo/mono, 2.0/1.0, AU/VST/AAX Native/AAX AudioSuite, 32/64bit, Windows & Mac OS X (Intel)




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Software platform for creation, management

burning, airing and conversion of subtitles

captions and other text services for multiple industries including

production, post-production, post-production, radio and TV,

cinema, opera and theater, advertisement, entertainment

and all others needing any sort of timed texts.

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We help broadcast, production, and post-production professionals to operate efficiently at the forefront of an ever-evolving digital environment

EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers

PBTEU ‘s EXEcutor™ broadcast servers offers a highly robust and reliable backbone, able to deliver a complete “TV Channel-in-a-Box”, or be configured to offer any combination of component services, using world-renowned PlayBox Technology NEO software capable of delivering efficient, scalable, stable and flexible production pipelines. PBTEU collaborates with worldwide renowned technology partners across distribution and system integration projects.

EXEcutor Virutual Control Panel (EVCP)

EVCP is the universal user environment for management, control and monitoring of EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers:

• Users management and control
• Enhanced System Security – prevents unauthorized user access to OS and hardcoded settings
• Lower bandwidth for remote usage
• Real time preview
• HW status logs and monitoring
• Advanced logging of users, system and playout
• Integrated file management with resumable drag and drop content upload
• Standard HTTPS protocol connectivity

EXEcutor™ Sync Master

EXEcutor™ Sync Master is a professional hardware-independent software tool used to slave video materials to a variety of external software and hardware devices used in professional music, entertainment, audio and video production, events management and multimedia production and post-production industries. User-friendly and easy to install, it saves money and time. It can be used as a slave video player to professional audio systems such as Avid Pro Tools and Sony Vegas, but can also synchronise multiple video materials between them, allowing easy management of multiple videos on single or multiple screens. Through its unique capability to play locally available video files, as well as those coming from third party desktop or web-based asset and content management systems such as online and encrypted videos, without the need to download them first, saves the sound creatives’ time and protects the copyrights of content owners.

The EXEcutor™ Sync Master can be used as a standalone application or as part of the “LAPIS for Media” complete content and processes management system. Other benefits include the fact that it can seamlessly integrate with Professional Audio Tools through LTC or MIDI TC. It also eliminates the need to download and transcode web videos and DRM protected videos.


SubtitleNext is an advanced software platform for creation, management, burning, airing and conversion of subtitles, captions and other text services, for multimedia industries, including production, post-production, radio and TV, cinema, opera and theatre, commercials, entertainment, and any other genre where timed texts are required.

SubtitleNext improves the speed and efficiency, but also simplifies the processes thought the whole work cycle. The software is suitable for both newcomers and highly demanding industry professionals. SubtileNext combines its 25 years history with the latest standards and expectations in the field. The product supports most of the historic and existing subtitling and media protocols, standards and formats and can easily be extended with new options.

Profuz LAPIS

LAPIS is a Business Process and Information Management System designed to efficiently centralize processes and data under one roof. LAPIS streamlines disparate data related tasks, such as communications, project management and media management, into a single highly customisable “dashboard”.

For broadcasters, production and post production companies, LAPIS seamlessly integrates media asset management functions with editing platforms and video sharing websites. It simplifies distributing and sharing large files and allows the creation of flexible and secure collaborative workflows.

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“Here at STN we want to offer our clients playout services that ensure quality, reliability and easy accessibility and this why we use PBTEU’s solutions.”

Tomasz Lovsin
Tomasz LovsinCTO, STN WTA Award Winning Teleport 2016

“The design and philosophy behind PBTEU’s software and implementation model gives us the freedom and flexibility needed for the dynamic of our business. They are easy to install and saves us time and money.”

Lyubomir Chochov
Lyubomir ChochovOperations Manager, Doli Media Studio

“For the past 10 years PlayBox has provided us with innovative and reliable software-based playout solutions that are easy to install and to work with”

Bas ArdeschFounder of Basmedia

“I am very pleased by the professionalism of the PBT EU team, and the results we achieved together.”

Plamen YordanovBloomberg TV Bulgaria Technical Director


Playbox Technology EU (PBT EU) offers an unparalleled bespoke service that meets its customers’ specific requirements head-on across broadcasters, production and post-production organisations. Equipped with an energetic and highly experienced team at hand, PBT EU provides a truly unique offering – a dedicated team focused on delivering a consistent customer-centric value-add service which includes consultation and design, implementation of projects and products, as well as 24-hour access technical support.

Renowned for exceptional personable and professional service, as well as rapid deployment of advanced systems and solutions, which include complex installations of new television channels for example, the company is well-placed to meet the varying and challenging demands across all broadcast environments.

With many years of expertise behind us, including our vast knowledge of PlayBox Technology products of which we bring continuity of the well-renowned brand through PBT EU solutions, the company’s acumen and passion of the market and customers we support, are second to none.


Technical knowhow and Expertise in Server Certifications


Expert recommandations, optimized workflows design, proven solutions with exceptional support personalization for each of our clients. Dedicated Project Management team. Expedited and efficient communication.


International team of qualified, engaged, and highly-regarded pre-sales and post-sales industry professionals is available to assist you and provide support in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Serbian, and Russian. We guarantee a response within 24 hours!


Fastest delivery of professional broadcast equipment. We deliver Certified PlayBox Servers in 3 to 10 days within EMEA. That’s up to 15 times faster than our competitors!


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