SubtitleNEXT Enterprise

ultimate software-based platform suitable both for traditional broadcasters and future-oriented companies.

SubtitleNEXT Enterprise Product Line is the ultimate software-based platform suitable both for traditional broadcasters and future-oriented companies. The Product Line covers all possible timed text services in broadcasting, entertainment, education or government industry.

SubtitleNEXT Enterprise Product Line is including DVB subtitling line and Live subtitles.

SubtitleNEXT Live Enterprise Line is including solutions for creation, management, burning, playout and conversion of subtitles, captions and other text services for production, post-production and live shows. The product line is including the traditional subtitle inserter for broadcasters and live subtitles for news, events and live shows.


SubtitleNEXT covers all the stages of the Subtitling process from the preparation to the airing of live timed text services.

Live subtitling is done by one or more persons in the following ways:

  • Before the TV program begins, prompter texts are imported from the news system and converted to subtitles manually or automatically
  • During the TV program subtitles that were prepared in advance are transmitted manually or automatically.
  • Subtitles which cannot be prepared in advance can come directly from the studio audio by connecting an automatic speech to text engine to SubtitleNEXT or  can be spoken by a “respeaker person”, recognized by speech recognition software and are transmitted automatically or after manual correction
  • For languages that do not have a speech recognition engine subtitles can also be typed and transmitted in real time
  • iNEWS
  • Octopus
  • XML import
  • TS over IP
  • CVBS
  • Analogue antenna
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Newton
  • Microsoft
  • Any speech recognition software that can dictate directly into the application

The following live subtitling functionality is available in SUBTITLENEXT

  • Import of news rundowns with prompter texts from news systems
  • Conversion of prompter texts to subtitles
  • Display of live video on the PC screen and or on an additional monitor
  • Interface to multiple automatic speech recognition and dictation software
  • Multiple workstations can work on the same rundown
  • Simultaneous transmission of speech recognized and already prepared subtitles
  • Automatic or manual text correction rules and tools to be used on imported or live recognized text
  • Simultaneous correction and timing capabilities
  • Creation of subtitle files with all transmitted subtitles with timing information for archiving and retransmission purposes

SubtitleNEXT AIR – Live subtitle insertion during on-air playback; Support for SUB,STL,SRT,CIP,PAC,-

DAS and many more subtitling file formats and styles; Support of all known video formats; Support

of all existing frame rates and custom; Closed captions support – 708/608 CC (MCC/SCC); OP-47

Proper Tape ID or Reference Code required for all subtitling files.


Centralized multiuser management server for:

– Take over switching between multiple live subtitling channels

– Backup capabilities for a multiple subtitle channels

– Includes up to 5 simultaneos users in the same local network

(Additional users and network licences avaliable on request and charged pro rata )


Text creation and editing, subtitles preparation, subtitles layout, timecode alignment, file playback,

video-in, file-to-file, VGA Burn-in, import and export capabilities. Real time subtitles editing

and airing

SubtitleNEXT DVB Line

SubtitleNEXT DVB Line is the most effective and efficient management of multi-language subtitling. The line is including multiformat subtitle insertion hub and flexible DVB multiplexing tool.

SubtitleNEXT Central is specifically designed for real time automatic subtitle processing and output in different standards and protocols, manipulating different offline file formats, as well as real time protocols and standards as key sources that are linked to several program sources at the same time. After, subtitles are encoded into a DVB format transport packet stream (using a subtitle processor) and then the subtitle stream is multiplexed or merged with all the other video, audio, private data and service information (using a DVB multiplexer) to form a complete DVB multiplex signal ready for broadcast.

SubtitleNEXT Central Hub –

for multi-channel, multi-language real time subtitle encoding and

transcoding in various standards. Multiple live and offline subtitle inputs (Input Profiles***) are supported. Outputs can be configured in different standards such as DVB, Teletext/Op47, EIA798. Multiple Output Standards** are supported and subject to additional licensing.

  • DVB subtitles server , DVB compliant up to channels 256
  • up to  subs streams per channel  unlimited  , total count 4096
  • Unicode language encoding, all coding types
  • multiformat titles .sub .pac .srt .ebu(stl) .subn
  • output Partial Transport streams
  • titles timing delay correction
  • PCR  timing delay correction


Flexible DVB multiplexing engine

Basic functionality: 5x UDP inputs, expandable up to 255 inputs; Unlimited outputs. Sample applications:

Generates Multiple Program Transport Stream (MPTS) output from multiple SPTS or MPTS

inputs; PID filtering & remapping; Data insertion (i.e. subtitles, TeleText); PSI/SI generation; Retimestamping.

1x PSI / SI generator – System information generator

SubtitleNEXT Expert

SubtitleNEXT EXPERT for single channel output

For industry professionals and organizations that aim high and set standards, SubtitleNEXT Expert packs the complete suite of timed text features for single channel subtitling:

Text editing and formatting; Translation; Spotting; QA; Professional Subtitling Formats; Professional Cinema Formats; DVD, Blu-Ray, Film; Subtitles Over Video Signal; Spell-checker; Subtitle page preparation; Subtitle layout; Timecode alignment; File playback; LTC; VITC; Video IN (analog, SDI, stream); File-to-file; VGA Burn IN; Media files; Direct online media; Media metadata; RS-422

Import / Export: Text, PAC (Win2020), EBU, SoftNI, WebTT, 708/608 CC (MCC/SCC), DAS, SRT / SUB, DVD / Blu-ray Export, Film Export

Export to media files: Burn-in over picture, Graphics with alpha, CC streams, DVB streams

Live subtitling

Real-time output: Multi-head graphic board / HDM, DVB Subtitle ES, Decklink