SubtitleNext is a software platform for creation, management, burning, airing and conversion of subtitles, captions and other text services for multiple industries including production, post-production, radio and TV, cinema, opera and theater, advertisement, entertainment and all others needing any sort of timed texts.

SubtitleNext improves the speed and efficiency, but also simplifies the processes thought the whole work cycle. The software is suitable for both newcomers and highly demanding industry professionals. SubtileNext combines its 25 years history with the latest standards and expectations in the field. The product supports most of the historic and existing subtitling and media protocols, standards and formats and can easily be extended with new options.


  • Open, Save, Import and Export formats: SUB, STL, SRT, CIP, PAC, DAS and many more
  • Burn-in your subtitles automatically into video using the internal engine
  • Support of all known video formats: SD, HD, HDV, 720, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K
  • Support of all existing frame rates: 23.96, 50, 59.94, 60, 120, and custom
  • Full Unicode support, RTL, complex writing, language shaping
  • Limitless visual subtitle stylings support
  • Spell-checking and thesaurus with open dictionaries
  • Audio Spectrum display – helps to identify the sound type (speech, music, noise…)
  • Closed captions support – 708/608 CC (MCC/SCC) • Export subtitles for DVD, Blu-ray authoring and for the cinema (DCP and 35mm)
  • Predefined and Customized keyboard shortcuts


Fully customizable working environment that enables you to work simultaneously on several projects, thus providing ideal conditions for Multilingual workflow. Benet the native OS language support – there is no need to use localized versions. Every single style change is visible on both the editor’s window and at the vertical Mini titles preview bar.


Manage the Styles with ease. There are limitless possibilities that include all combinations of True color, Edge, Shadow and Box. Use any font recognized by the Operating system. Style presets can be saved, loaded, modified – making it possible to distribute among coworkers, unifying the desired result.


There are four main editing modes extending the software possibilities. Each of them is optimized to best suit your needs:

  • Use EDIT to enter, edit and manipulate the subtitles and text. Move through the subtitles, inspect and correct.
  • Dene Start and End timings in CODE mode. As simply as watching the video and pressing the space bar for duration. Or you can use internal or external timecode generators.
  • Use the TRANSMIT mode when everything is ready. Rewind and play on the frame buffer or video output device. The process is completely automated and needs no attendance.
  • MANUAL mode allows you to operate subtitles by pressing a button. Suitable for live events, inserting custom messages and other numerous occasions.