1x PLAYBOX 4K/HD/SD Dual Channel TimeShiftBox – Delayed Playback Application
* User editable Delay, starting from 10sec;
* Logo Overlay;
* MultiChannel Audio;
* Preserving all SD/HD SDI Ancilary Data
* Possibility to have integrated TitleBox CG for Interactive graphics (Optional)
* SD @25 Mbit/s Video Encoding
* HD @50 Mbit/s Video Encoding
Broadcast Video/Audio I/O :
·   Video Out: 2x SD/HD SDI;
·   Video In: 2x SD/HD SDI;
·   Audio Out: Embedded Audio
·   Audio In: Embedded Audio
·   Sync Input: Blackburst or Tri-Sync
3RU Rackmount Server
Redundant (1 + 1) PSU
Hot Swap Hard Drives
Dual Intel® CPU per node;
Two (2) Gigabit Ethernet ports:
System HDDs with RAID 1 per node ;
Video Storage: 4TB SATA with RAID1;
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 x64;