2x PLAYBOX SD/HD AirBox – OnAir Playback module:

Multi Parallel Output – 2 simultenious outputs (SDI or/and Streaming)
Playback of media files located on network storage
Compatible with a vast variety of compression types: HD MPEG2, 4K/HD H.264, ProRes 4:2:2, HD HDV, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, DV, MPEG2, AVC/H.264, WMV/VC-1, MPEG1, etc.
Supports a multitude of media containers: MPEG system, program, transport streams, AVI, raw DV, MXF, QuickTime, etc.
Multi-format playout of all compressions and containers in a single playlist with various Transitions
Closed Caption Support – EIA 608/708
Content trimming;
Flexible playout logging;
Advanced time-based scheduling with automated conflict resolving;
1x AirBox PRO:
GPI & Router Control (Kramer, Leitch, VikinX, Pesa, Quartz, GrassValley Concerto/Acapella,Snell (Serial control only), BMD-Videohub, PlayBox UMC)
LTC Timecode input for playback triggering
MPEG2 Live Input Stream Support in the Playlist (required for IP Pump only)
TitleBox Net Control – Control of TitleBox on the same PC or on remote PCs
2D Video Scaling (Squeeze) of the playlist content
DTMF & SCTE 35 (DTMF part) Decoding for Commercial Insertion

MultiChannel Audio (up to 16 Audio Mono PCM Tracks) INCLUDED
1x PLAYBOX ListBox – for schedule Preparation
1x PLAYBOX SafeBox – Automatic Content Replication from INGEST and NLEs locations to the PLAYOUT VideoServer and removal of unused local content.
Broadcast Video/Audio I/O :
·   Video Out: 4K/HD/SD SDI;
·   Video In: 4K/HD/SD SDI;
·   Audio Out: Embedded Audio;
·   Audio In: Embedded Audio;
·   Sync Input: Blackburst in SD/ Tri-Sync in HD
3RU Rackmount Server
Redundant (1 + 1) PSU
Hot Swap Hard Drives;
Dual Intel® CPU;
Two (2) Gigabit Ethernet ports;
System HDDs with RAID 1;
Video Storage: 6TB SATA with RAID5;

IPMI/SNMP monitoring and control

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 x64