1x PLAYBOX TitleBox
– Interactive Character Generator or graphics slaved under PLAYBOX AirBox Automation mode;
– Unlimited layering like Still text, Roll/Crawl; Animations (32-bit TGA sequence, Animated GIF, Flash); Analogue and digital clocks, countdowns, timers; Pictures & Banners; Video Objects Playback, Power Point Presentations; Internet webpage dispay;
– Total on-air graphics control with dynamic speed control;
– Slide Sequencer;
– Transitions (In/Out)
– Advanced graphics scheduling;
– Powerful and flexible object event control system – allows creation of tasks for manipulation of objects, events, data providers, etc. depending on dynamic objects’ states (e.g. update scroll/crawl content from data provider when it loops)
– Dynamic data sources (Text, RTF, RSS, ODBC);
– NEW! AsRun logging;
– OEM applications via TitleBox API”
· Video Out: SD/HD SDI; Analog Component or Composite;
· Audio Out: Embedded Audio, 2x Unbalanced AES/EBU; 2x Analog XLR
· Sync Input: Blackburst in SD/ Tri-Sync in HD
· PlayBox Bypass Relay and GPI I/O board”
1RU Rackmount Server
Redundant (1 + 1) PSU
Hot Swap Hard Drives
Single Intel® CPU;
Two (2) Gigabit Ethernet ports:
System HDDs with RAID 1;
Video Storage: 1TB SATA with RAID1 ;
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 x64;