Blog post: Challenges M&E companies face today Part III


Content is still KING –
Content is a valuable asset – assets require a reliable asset management system

This brings us back to the essential purpose of all this activity in M&E and that is content.  Content does still rule as king. Content and data are assets, and they need managing.

An “asset” is defined as any material that can be owned or controlled to produce value. It has positive economic value. Media assets are essentially graphics, videos, audio clips and files, animations maps, and other artistic materials and data that go into media, particularly interactive media such as video games.

Types of digital assets include, but are not exclusive to, photography, logos, illustrations, animations, audio-visual media, presentations, spreadsheets, word documents, electronic mails, websites, and a multitude of other digital formats and their respective metadata.

In today’s dynamic media world, information is everywhere and all around us. Media companies collect information and pass it on to their audience through various media channels – TV, Radio, print medias, social networks, etc. Therefore, the fundamental crucial challenge facing all companies in M&E is how all of this extensive vast amount of data can be organised and disseminated to the appropriate channels within a short space of time at minimal effort.

Too many different technology systems cause confusion and chaos

To organise vast amounts of data, film footage and content, companies tend to use different technological and software solutions. This is where the problem with communication and the exchange of information between the various software products arise. Companies I have seen use one system for media asset management, another entirely different system for customers, vendors and invoicing, and so forth. This is a profit-wasting and very poor time management exercise.

Using one powerful system that does everything, solves everything

This is where “LAPIS for Media and Broadcast” steps in as it can do it al – literally! Our LAPIS system plays various roles and consists of a host of benefits for various industries.  It is a powerful solution in these key areas:

  • Media/Digital Asset Management – You can organise your content with LAPIS – ingest, store, archive, review, approve, edit, and share your content. Post-production is one of the most complex areas of the business. You can keep your business up to date LAPIS which was built to be seamlessly connected to external tools to adapt to any customised need.
  • Production Management – Efficiently coordinate the various moving parts of your projects to save time and money. LAPIS helps you connect everyone, and everything involved to reduce errors and increase productivity. Manage equipment (vehicles, video, audio, lights, costumes, props), crews, castings, tasks, shooting locations, production/shooting schedule, and automate workflow.
  • Playout Provider – Playout and uplink are critical and require well connected 24/7 support. Many prefer to outsource that part of the business in order to optimise costs, guarantee performance and focus on their core business. Playout service providers can greatly benefit from the ability of LAPIS to easily connect to different systems. Manage content of all your clients through a single interface.
  • Multiplatform Content Delivery Management – Media companies can be empowered by LAPIS to manage the entire process from content-creation to publishing on social media platforms or media and playlist automations and enjoy reduced time to market. They can streamline multi-channel publishing and benefit from features like scheduling, assembling, approval, versioning and more.
  • Intelligent search mechanism – Searching is a powerful feature of LAPIS that benefits media companies for fast and dynamic results.


The broadcasting world is traditionally conservative. My opinion is that in recent years the quality of mainstream channels dropped significantly. Many companies are effectively trying to replace human knowledge with technologies that are not quite ready yet just to lower costs. Therefore, either the technology in the years to come will improve and move closer to high-quality established standards, or alternatively, consumers will lower their expectations.

The challenge of how to cope with future change is to find technology solutions today that are user-friendly, malleable and future-proof to cope with tomorrow.

The systems that companies purchase need to be able to adapt to constantly changing business environments. Modern technologies are built on top of this understanding and are offering new SaaS business models and software and infrastructure.

Acquiring technology is a long-term investment. Having technology where features and functionalities can be added or removed without losing any information or costing any time to the organisation is strategic and what forward-thinking technology like LAPIS offers.

The best solutions have everything within a single system making them capable of handling multiple content types and formats, tasks, workflows and processes. LAPIS achieves this goal by simplifying processes for the good of the organisation as a whole, thereby allowing people to be more creative and do what they do best.  It’s a WIN-WIN solution.

It is inspiring to see large media firms such as Belgium’s largest production company Videohouse, adopt our SubtitleNEXT platform.  Look out for our recent article on The History of SubtitleNEXT to find out more.

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Blog post: Challenges M&E companies face today Part II

by Kamen Ferdinandov

Managing the shifting Media Landscape driven by Technology

The digital media landscape as a whole is undergoing dramatic transformation with companies having to navigate through emerging technologies alongside elements of associated social change at the same time. The entire value chain is affected, including media owners through to agencies, and ultimately marketeers and advertisers too.

Media channels are becoming increasingly fragmented as consumers are empowered more than ever before through accessible social media and blogging sites, that were not readily available a decade ago. Customers have effectively evolved into influential “mini-media platforms” in their own right.

These are very exciting developments. To be part of the digital age and a technological revolution certainly brings freedom to consumers, however, on the other hand, it presents many challenges to M&E organisations, such as:

  • Staying relevant in a continuously evolving digital landscape;
  • Learning to adapt and communicate in engaging ways to match customer expectations;
  • Monetizing audiences.



The Stages of media production

This moves us on to my next point as we address the challenges faced within each stage within the media production process. Let’s focus on  pre-production and production, post-production through to delivery and distribution and how these organisations are having to adapt to many technological changes currently.

  1. Pre-production and Production – Pre-production, production and post-production are moving closer together now with many post companies getting involved right from the start of the process in order to define final outcomes and deliverables before filming a movie or shooting a commercial.


The constant demand for faster and cheaper productions plays a significant role in how things are now done. This factor alone drives the demand for more automated and “human-less” operations, which attracts modern solutions such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the industry.

When I was asked by the press recently in an interview what I think the future holds with regard to technology generally in M&E, I replied by saying that the future is in taking a more creative approach and choosing solutions that differentiate from the push towards automation, AI and ML, which means that technology should provide more effective and efficient tools more than ever before, even in areas where they weren’t originally even required.

Many large film studios and production firms are also installing their own in-house post-production facilities and departments for efficiency, in order to have everything operating under one roof as well as securing sensitive confidential footage which is easier to control under one umbrella organisation with tighter controls. This has a knock-on effect for the smaller post companies that have to survive when many of the major projects are now absorbed in-house by the large studios.


With LAPIS, post companies and production companies would feel assured and confident in the full security that their content and data is well protected at all times.


  1. Post-Production – The post environment is extremely competitive, highly technical and creative with skilled artists working under immense pressure to meet tight deadlines within the highest standards of quality. Post companies provide vast services that range from editing, time-intensive CG and VFX work as well as online editing, colour grading, animation, and much more.

There are many post systems on the market that can perform all of these functions in one system, and many stand-alone systems that focus on one area of expertise, however in

today’s market, many post-production professionals such as world-leading colourists and compositors recognise that they have to hone in on all aspects of the process from editing, grading and finishing in order to work most effectively with dailies, changes, immediate client approvals and interaction across all client suites on a given project.

A while back there were two main formats the post-production world used, these were PAL and NTSC, and now there are hundreds of permutations, field rates, frame rates, versions, language versions and formats that post-production workflows have to readily accommodate and be able to adapt to quickly.

We are also seeing much more interactive and personalised material being produced, such as the recent Black Mirror “Bandersnatch” episodes for Netflix where viewers had the option to choose the ultimate outcome of the story by controlling their television remote controls. Another example is Ang Li’s latest Gemini Man which was shot in 120 frames per second which is quite a feat. These complex projects have impacted how post companies have had to adapt  with challenging deliverables on a scale cinema and broadcast audiences from decades ago had never seen before. Post companies have had to post-produce footage in Large Giant Screen formats, HD, HDR, HFR, IMAX, VR, AR, XR resolutions up to 8K and beyond and much more.  This in turn creates demand for monitor display technologies to be compliant and available across media such as television, PC, mobile and cinema screens and to be fully compatible with these new formats.


On top of all this creativity and technical expertise, post companies have to still run their everyday business, pay their invoices, invoice their clients, pay salaries, run financial reports, make bookings in the various suites, and store massive file footage securely.  All these activities ideally have to be able to sync in with their creative work in order for them to be efficient and not get bogged down in the  everyday details.  This is the challenge and battle many running post houses around the world face today. Post-production companies would benefit the most from using LAPIS to coordinate and manage all these varied and vital tasks. A competent system like LAPIS can be an enormous support so they can get on with the business of running the business affairs efficiently and freeing up time to be more creative.


  1. Delivery & Distribution  – This is ultimately the end-product that consumers can enjoy in the version of their choice. All of the visual formats such as Large Giant Screen formats, HD, HDR, HFR, IMAX, VR, AR, XR resolutions up to 8K and beyond are delivered by post companies for distribution to then be displayed across various media such as mobile, PC, television and cinema screens.  Many of the  innovative resolutions have prompted a demand for display technologies and manufacturers are currently working hard to make it possible for households to eventually  be able to view many of these new formats from the comfort of home.  A recent example is how UHD and Stereoscopic 3D was made available for audiences to view Sky 3D sports. Across most Technology & Consumption spheres such as film, TV, Audio, Publishing, Games, Website, the Gaming Sector, footage is being adapted to audiences’ preferences.

    Online alternatives are gradually replacing traditional broadcasting. Online media access such as online TVs, VOD, and so forth, exceed traditional methods of distribution. Companies like Netflix and Amazon opened up the possibility for geographical expansion that resulted in increased demand and the need for speedy deliveries of localized content. Cinema or DVD/Blu-ray audiences tend to go to online streaming platforms now for example, such as Netflix and Hulu, and this has changed the entire focus of distribution and disrupted the way things now work in the M&E sector.

Consequently, the increase of outsourcing traditional in-house operations is now commonplace within the distribution arena, which in turn, brings in more and more mobile and web technologies into the mix. This in turn creates a massive demand for the simplification and adaptation for less knowledgeable personnel to be able to access these technologies and applications.


In Part 3, I will explore content and its intrinsic value to companies in the industry.  I will reveal in this concluding chapter how LAPIS can benefit the media industry as a whole in every area.

Blog post: Challenges M&E companies face today Part I

by Kamen Ferdinandov

Why I started Profuz LAPIS?

The Profuz LAPIS platform I created has been used to build web-based modern and scalable all-in-one solutions for companies such as Canal+ Myanmar FG, Doli Media Studios and recently the Jornal do Centro media group in Portugal. Adopting Profuz LAPIS’ capabilities has helped these corporations centralise their processes significantly.

These examples, and there are more in the pipeline, are a testament of the trust placed in Profuz LAPIS’s powerful business asset management to deliver results that help media professionals achieve greater creativity and productivity within their entire organisations.

Over the 30 years of working in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry, I came across so many clients in need of a business management system that could fulfil all of their organisational needs.

The M&E sector today is a vast landscape and encompasses television and radio broadcasters, film studios, production and post-production facilities, through to publishing organisations, new era media and much more.

I discovered that most companies in the M&E sector want a solution that is user-friendly but without the steep learning curve. Company owners are on the lookout for technology that is versatile and fast, as well as easy to implement. Platforms that are customised to customer’s specific requirements and that can adapt to existing workflows, help create more efficiency resulting in long-term cost savings.

I used all this valuable feedback over the years to form what is now been recognised as a compelling solution designed to support businesses perform more cost-effectively and resourcefully. I was inspired from the start to make a system that could be specialised to meet individual client needs. It was important to me from the outset that the applications that I created had to be able to adapt to an organisation’s own unique business model, instead of the organisation having to adapt to the technology.

The aim in our venture with LAPIS at Profuz Digital  is to also appeal to smaller entities and provide them with the benefits that an advanced enterprise-level system can deliver –  which is pretty much everything!

Some of the advantages that LAPIS brings to smaller companies, self-employed franchises and freelancers throughout the system’s entire life cycle, includes the reduction of critical resources such as time, training, support and maintenance. These bring huge benefits to smaller companies that can now be enjoyed alongside the larger firms.

There is a need for affordable media asset management in every organisation –  even in the smallest companies which previously couldn’t see its benefits. Start-ups and entrepreneurs starting a new business have to watch the purse strings closely and tend to look for modern and cheap solutions that might not suit their long-term needs and miss out on what LAPIS could do for them. Existing firms have different approaches ranging from not doing anything new; or trying to add something new on top of an existing process; or trying to replace and virtually upgrade everything with new technology. This is where LAPIS can step in to solve all their issues in one powerful affordable flexible system.

Next week, in Part 2, I will take you on a journey on how to manage the shifting media landscapes driven by technology.

Hellenic American College in Athens invests in SubtitleNEXT to equip Masters in Translation students with key localization skills

SubtitleNEXT prepares students with a definitive career path to face the pace of demand in the translation and creative industries

PBT EU is delighted to announce the adoption of  the SubtitleNEXT system at Hellenic American College in Athens, making it the first college in Greece to offer the platform for its Masters in Translation (MAT) Program and Audio-visual Translation Lab.

The MAT is one of 14 academic degree programs of the US-accredited Hellenic American University which the College offers in Greece. Students in the MAT program acquire the credentials to begin a career in translation, audio-visual translation and editing. They have the option of specialising in the creative industries and entering the world of audio-visual translation, gaming localization or translation for museums or advertising companies. Graduates of the program have found work as freelance translators or at  translation agencies, companies, audio-visual companies and the media.

Dr. Vasilis Manousakis, who teaches Literary and Audio-visual Translation at Hellenic American College, explains why he chose SubtitleNEXT for his students, “It brings an advantage as the environment and functions available in SubtitleNEXT offer my students a platform that matches what exists at large AV translation companies across the world.”

Dr. Manousakis is an artist in his own right, having subtitled and translated a broad range of genres, series and films produced by Disney, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. and Netflix, including House of Cards, Lost, The Good Place, Star Wars and Game of Thrones. His diverse professional and creative background has provided him with well-informed teaching material at Hellenic American College in the Master of Translation and Master of Conference Interpreting program.

He adds, “SubtitleNEXT stands out from all the other systems for its functionality and ease of use. It is effective and user-friendly at the same time.  My students have already used SubtitleNEXT to subtitle many projects I assigned to them. They learned how to navigate the system themselves and their reaction has been very positive.  Our industry is made up of companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Disney; they all require Accessibility Functions (Audio Description and SDH) and it is great to see these incorporated in SubtitleNEXT very soon. That way, we will have an All-In-One package. The most popular SubtitleNEXT tool among my students is definitely the “synchronization” and “in-sub notes” for the QA (Proofreading) task.”

Coordinator of the MAT Program and Associate Director of the Ph.D. in Language and Communication at Hellenic American University, Dr. Themis Kaniklidou notes, “We were using freeware before we upgraded to SubtitleNEXT. This upgrade brings added value to the MAT program, and we can proudly state that our students use professional programs that conform to industry standards. We are delighted that our students are learning top skills with SubtitleNEXT. It accustoms them to working within the kind of professional environment you’d find in the industry. In this sense, the skills will come naturally to them when they approach or are approached by studios and AV companies who want to commission subtitling assignments. SubtitleNEXT is a perfect tool to increase quality and productivity.”

An engaged researcher, Dr. Kaniklidou has observed the growing segmentation of the market, with more translators specialising in fields such as medical or legal translation. The emergence of new fields such as localizing video games and subtitling for streaming services and the immense progress that has been made in machine translation bring new opportunities. She believes that advances in artificial intelligence will repurpose the work of professional translators, with a lot more post-translation editing demands, a task, she confirms, students in the MAT program are already adept at handling.

Under her leadership, the MAT program is responding to these industry changes. She notes,  “We’re providing our students with what the market demands, both in content, with the program’s courses in specialisation translation, translation technology and audio-visual translation, and in technology. We’re doing a very good job for the lucky few students who decide to do the program. With SubtitleNEXT and through their assignments, our students gain experience in all types of AV translation and have a foretaste of the challenges they’ll face in their future careers. MAT is one of the few, if not the only, institution in Greece to be offering SubtitleNEXT to its students.”

PBT EU’s Sales and Product Expert Maria Markovska concluded, “We are delighted that the Hellenic American College has chosen SubtitleNEXT for its MAT program, arming a future generation with knowledge of how to effectively localize content for every major studio, OTT platform, and broadcast company and more, at the speed defined by fast growing global consumer demand. As a team that places our customers as first priority, we deeply value the relationship we have with highly dedicated college and faculty members – Dr. Manousakis and Dr. Kaniklidou, and we very much look forward to working with them as they continue to transfer vital and creative subtitling skills in an evolving digital world. Our next cooperation with Dr. Manousakis will be to expose in detail the functionalities in SubtitleNEXT for production of subtitles for the hearing impaired and automations that facilitate audio description.”

Media Information

About SubtitleNEXT
SubtitleNEXT is a timed-text subtitling software packages with an array of immediate resourceful tools and features that deliver to a high standard. Created by Profuz Digital and distributed by PBT EU, it is available in a single compact and powerful application. It’s a system that benefits many professionals and different skillset levels such as freelance audio-visual translation professionals, through to Language Services Providers, production and post-production companies and broadcasters. Anyone who has to handle heavy workloads within tight timeframe structures will find that SubtitleNEXT proves to be a time-saving and productive asset. Visit &

About Hellenic American College in Greece


SubtitleNEXT version 5.5 unveiled at September shows

IABM-member PBT EU Strengthens Global Presence bringing fresh momentum to multiple events with Profuz Digital LAPIS and SubtitleNEXT  at Elevate, Intermedia & IBC for broadcasters and subtitlers

SubtitleNEXT version 5.5 unveiled at September shows

September has been a productive and busy month for SubtitleNEXT’s creator and distributor  – Profuz Digital and PBT EU. They made an official mark on the subtitling market at a series of successful September shows this year which included Elevate in Toronto, Intermedia Warsaw and IBC in Amsterdam. At the same time, they also released SubtitleNEXT’s new version 5.5 unveiling a list of innovative tools and features.


Profuz Digital’s Managing Director for the Americas, Dessie Nikolov introduced SubtitleNEXT and Profuz LAPIS for the first time to Canada’s Tech Festival Elevate held from 20 – 26 September. Elevate 2019 featured an exclusive line-up of exceptional industry speakers that covered a variety of topics about innovation and the future of creative talent. The “New Media” and “Product” stages at the event hosted high-profile presentations from the likes of Corus, Viacom, Twitter, Hypebeast, Global News, including informative sessions by Vimeo, Asana, Facebook, amongst many others.

Earmarked as powerful systems of choice for content localization and media accessibility, Dessie reported, “We unveiled SubtitleNEXT and Profuz LAPIS’ ability to meet growing demand for more simplified, efficiently managed and localized media content cross multiple industries. We received enthusiastic and positive feedback from show attendees when they saw the benefits of our products’ online / offline inter-connectivity as well as the added advantage of not having to worry about downloading, uploading or transferring material. People were impressed by the functions included such as multiple supported video, timed-text formats along with integration of various speech-to-text tools.”

Noting other key tech trends spotted at the event, Dessie added, “There is a growing interest in 360-degree video and streaming, as well as a continued push towards the simplification of video editing to make it more accessible to a wider audience. The demand for authentic voices in storytelling was a major theme at the show, as well as a drive towards engagement and content consumption geared to Gen Z that includes TV series for youth streamed on platforms such as YouTube (e.g. Awesomeness). All in all, this event delivered on its promise to “elevate”, and we were left inspired by talks from Guy Kawasaki, Akon, and the one and only – Michelle Obama.”



The team at PBT EU enjoy contributing and participating in key educational initiatives too and were assigned as Gold Sponsors highlighting their flagship SubtitleNEXT product at their own booth at the 2-day Intermedia 2019 Conference from 19 – 20 September at the University of Warsaw. Preceded by various workshops on 18th September, the conference focused primarily on audio-visual translation with SubtitleNEXT now recognised as a strong contender in this vital sector.

PBT EU’s CEO Ivanka Vassileva outlined the successful outcome, “The Intermedia Conference was a great space to interact with researchers, professional subtitlers, students and professors from across the globe in an intimate and welcoming environment. It was also very rewarding to hear a genuine sense of acknowledgement of SubtitleNEXT as an established Top Tier platform that professionals are now considering for freelancers, universities and media companies.

We take pride in our listening skills so that we can continue an effective ongoing development strategy and deliver helpful toolsets that people actually need. So, it was important to us, as well as interesting to hear about upcoming trends as well as ideas and suggestions for advancements and useful features, some of which were incorporated and released in the new SubtitleNEXT version 5.5 release which we launched and demonstrated. The brand-new toolsets and developments in version 5.5, specifically in the field of live subtitling with “re-speaking” and creative subtitles, following market demand, were applauded.”


At IBC, which took place between 13 – 17 September at The RAI, the PBT EU team presented the latest version of the specialised range of professional, broadcast-quality subtitling and business process management systems, SubtitleNEXT, NEXT-TT and LAPIS including own-brand EXEcutor broadcast server series at the PlayBox NEO booth where PBT EU’s Sales Director Alexander Stoyanov was stationed to provide advice.

As an IBC veteran exhibitor for over 10 years, Alexander shared his overall IBC experience,  “Everyone I spoke to showed great interest in SubtitleNEXT’s capabilities to integrate multiple speech-to-text functionality, and its machine translation tools which help improve offline and online subtitling processes were positively welcomed. Profuz LAPIS received great feedback for its sheer capacity to align with macro workflows as well as its orchestration layer to legacy systems. The fact it can handle virtually any type of digital assets, regardless of their nature, impressed many. Our LAPIS for broadcast and media solution is still pretty much at the early stages and an innovative concept for which the wider audience is not yet fully aware of, however, the initial reaction provoked several interesting discussions which in the months to follow, are expected to materialise into some very interesting projects.”

“Generally, I believe IBC2019’s overall attendance was smaller by popular opinion, yet much more concise in terms of industry and partner feedback. On the broadcast side, SMPTE 2110 was a trending topic, with many manufacturers claiming they’re “already there”, without making the effort to explain the full picture, along with the advantages to clarify the bottlenecks and drawbacks that this standard brings.”

“Traditionally, the migration to IP, with the strategic goal to feed the ever-growing streaming, OTT and VOD beasts, was fully present in discussions, yet we don’t see this process happening at a scale represented by the marketeers and social media airwaves.”

“4K channels and content origination were also floating in the air, growing slowly in market portion but still with scarcity of premium content, especially for niche channels. Speaking of content, everybody seemed to agree that localization and accessibility are crucial, yet few enterprises had clear vision of how to achieve this. The diversity of distribution and monetisation platforms require a vast array of formats and styles of subtitling and captioning which are foreign to traditional broadcast and content creators. Much of the players on the content supply chain rely strongly on machine processing, ASR and AI to shorten the cycle and lower costs, and this hope was strongly amplified by the avalanche of overrated messages by technology creators on the efficiency and accuracy of their solutions. Practice though proves otherwise, and reality will punch back inevitably.”

Alexander concludes with, “Last, but not least, almost all media and broadcast organisations acknowledged the need to streamline both their asset and process management workflows. Most of them never thought that having this under one powerful singular system was feasible, so this idea resulted in mixed reviews. Keeping the focus on video only in terms of digitising, metadata enriching, indexing, purposing, archiving and repurposing is no longer relevant in the big game of complex processes and media company structures which start to incorporate all sorts of outlets, each one requiring a specialised workflow approach. I foretell that those players who see the potential in solutions handling these kinds of challenges will have the better market leverage in the years to come.”


New features in SubtitleNEXT 5.5 include a series of stunning and dynamic tools such as Live Subtitling with one or two stages re-speaking with an optional multi-station live workflow automation; Integration with Dictation applications such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Microsoft Dictation, and Newton.  Other numerous new exciting features include Film Strips; Short forms support in both offline and dictation regimes, parallel multi-subtitles synchronous preview of multi-language subtitles; keyboard macros recording and library; a global detachable timeline; reading speed indicator; additional subtitling properties such as hidden, forced, draft, marked, properties for appearance type, transitions effects, Support of NEWFOR protocol and FAB Public Teletext protocol outputs and much more all available in detail on the website.


Many of the companies and educational establishments that have already adopted the system and use SubtitleNEXT / LAPIS on a daily basis including the likes of Canal+ Myanmar FG, the University of Rome Tor Vergata, The Hellenic American College, Doli Media Studio, The  European School of Translation and Europe’s largest Belgium-based production company Videohouse, where it has been used on well-known TV series such as Big Little Lies, Sirens, Vikings and many more.


Primarily aimed at audio-visual translation freelance professionals, through to Language Services Providers, production, post-production companies and broadcasters, SubtitleNEXT has proven itself as a time-saving commodity, but also a productive profit-making asset to media organisations worldwide. The software efficiently supports a plethora of disciplines such as translating, editing, subtitle and dubbing adoption, timing/cueing/spotting, verifying layout on text over media, deliverables and much more.

The development of Profuz Digital’s LAPIS which is a  global business process and information management platform, took place in 2014.  Profuz LAPIS creates scalable customised modules that adapt to every type of complex business structure and connects all the dots that a business interacts with, including multiple-companies, outsourcing, partners, suppliers and customers, while constantly adapting to the needs of the organisation.   Doli Media and Canal + Myanmar FG are recent LAPIS customers, among many others that have installed Profuz LAPIS systems.

In 2016, the migration of SubtitlePlus quickly followed on to the next level, resulting in the SubtitleNEXT brand. Consequently, Profuz Digital was then in a position via PBT EU as distributor and systems integrator to offer users an entire product line which included a whole range of products such as SubtitleNEXT Enterprise, SubtitleNEXT CENTRAL, SubtitleNEXT Air, SubtitleNEXT LIVE Manager, NEXT-TT, Profuz LAPIS and the EXEcutor Media Integrator.  All unique products in their own right, but still based on the core LAPIS and/or SubtitleNEXT technology software platforms.

Visit the “home of subtitlers” here to get a full picture and join the growing NEXTclub.

To contact the PBT EU / Profuz email sales@SUBTITLENEXT.COM


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Profuz Digital’s LAPIS is system of choice for Canal+ Myanmar FG

Canal+ Myanmar FG selected Profuz LAPIS to manage localization of thousands of hours of content, ensuring quality subtitling & file-format compliance for playout

System integration specialist PBT EU is delighted to announce the adoption of the Profuz LAPIS system at CANAL+ Myanmar FG, marking the first deployment of the technology in the Asia-Pacific region.

CANAL+ Myanmar FG is now currently implementing Profuz LAPIS to process, manage and control the localization of thousands of hours of legacy and newly produced content, ensuring quality of subtitling and file-format compliance towards playout and broadcast.

CANAL+ Group is the leading Pay-TV group in French-speaking countries, with a high international profile, boasting an ever-growing presence in fast-developing markets, such as Poland, Vietnam and recently Myanmar.

The CANAL+ Group launched activities in Myanmar in partnership with the leading private Burmese media group Forever Group, enabling subscribers to watch local and international content localized into Burmese, on DTT, DTH and mobile devices.

Profuz LAPIS is a global business process and information management platform designed to create scalable customised modules that adapt to every type of complex business structure. It effectively connects all the dots that a business interacts with including multiple-companies, outsourcing, partners, suppliers and customers, while constantly adapting to the needs of the organisation.

”Canal+ Myanmar FG is managing internally 9 in-house channels, implying a massive amount of media assets to secure, localize, index and control. Profuz LAPIS was the perfect match for us to combine a Media Asset Management with our specific internal workflows. PBT EU’s team has provided a strong support all along the project in order to customize the product according to our specifications and to make it a powerful solution, yet very user-friendly for our collaborators and partners.” states Maxime Woimant, Chief Technology and Information Officer at CANAL+ Myanmar FG.

“After productive and successful trials of the system at CANAL+ Myanmar FG, the team confirmed it was convinced that Profuz LAPIS was the right fit for them. The system delivered on user-access power, control and workflow definition possibilities, along with its scalability and flexibility required for the mammoth scope of vast deliverables. We very much look forward to working with Canal+ Myanmar FG as it continues to extend its global presence.” States PBT EU’s Sales Director & Partner Alexander Stoyanov.

Profuz Digital’s CTO, Kamen Ferdinandov notes, “Canal+ Group provides an extremely valuable service across the globe, and we are proud that Profuz LAPIS can play an important role with them in the ASEAN region. As a team that places our customers as first priority, we deeply value the relationship we have with Canal+ Myanmar FG and are well positioned to support their Pay-TV development in the region.”

To find out more about Profuz LAPIS visit


Media Information

About CANAL+ Group

CANAL+ Group is the leading Pay-TV group in France, ranking first both for its premium-content networks with the generalist channel CANAL+ and associated channels, and its themed networks. It is also the top multi-channel platform and pay-tv distributor in France. CANAL+ Group has a high international profile, with a presence in fast-developing markets. It is the leading pay-tv operator in French-speaking countries, particularly in Africa where it has nearly 3.5 million subscribers. It is also present in Poland, Vietnam and recently Myanmar. Overall, CANAL+ Group has over 15.5 million subscribers worldwide, including 8 million in mainland France. A free-to-air TV operator with three national channels, including France fifth highest rating channel, C8, and in-house advertising sales division CANAL+ REGIE, the Group is also a benchmark player in commercial TV. Through its subsidiary STUDIOCANAL, CANAL+ Group is the European leader in production, distribution and international sales of feature films and TV series.  Group CANAL+ is fully owned by Vivendi, a global media and content production and distribution group.

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Sales Contact: Alexander Stoyanov, Sales Director & Partner, +35924392190


SubtitleNEXT named Gold Sponsor at the Intermedia 2019 Warsaw Conference

19 – 20 September 2019 – Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw

SubtitleNEXT’s creators and distributors –  Profuz Digital and IABM-member PBT EU –  are delighted to confirm their status as Gold Sponsors of the Intermedia 2019 Warsaw Conference from 19 – 20 September. Preceded by various workshops on 18th September, the conference will focus primarily on audiovisual translation and will take place at the University of Warsaw in Poland.

Following on from the success of AVT events organised in Łódź and Poznań in previous years, Intermedia 2019 Warsaw marks the 5th international conference which will be coordinated by members of the Intermedia AVT Research Group. The European Association for Studies in Screen Translation, the Polish Association of Audiovisual Translators and Subtle support the event.

SubtitleNEXT is the latest industry standard subtitling software lab, in a single compact and convenient application. It has already been adopted by many organisations and universities across the world, including the European School of Translation, Italy’s ITPros, Hellenic American College in Greece and many others. SubtitleNEXT is also being used extensively on high-profile series such as Big Little Lies Series 2 for HBO, Siren and Vikings at Europe’s largest production company Videohouse in Belgium.

Linguist Specialist and CEO of PBT EU and Profuz Digital, Ivanka Vassileva, states, “The Intermedia Warsaw conference provides an excellent platform for language, media and subtitling professionals and we are delighted to sponsor this dynamic forum. Some of the key topics threading across the 2-day conference, address current trends and challenges facing audio-visual translation (AVT) today. They include media accessibility services, audience reception, participatory access, experimental research, quality assessment, translator training, cloud solutions and the impact of technologies on AVT. We are eager to engage with attendees and to hear their concerns across all of these key areas.”

PBT EU’s Sales Director & Partner Alexander Stoyanov adds, “The timed-text technologies SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT have been developed to simplify complexities and can be customised to suit individual needs. The SubtitleNEXT team will be at hand at the forum to meet AVT specialists and listen to their challenges. Key features to make your work-life easier, will be demonstrated at the event to show how the software can deliver results with speedy efficiency. Come and stop by to see us if you’re attending. We look forward to the privilege of meeting everyone there.”

In addition to the main conference, two multiplier events of the ILSA (Interlingual Live Subtitling for Access) project will take place covering “new modality of AVT: Interlingual live subtitling”. The Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw (ILS UW) leads the way in live subtitling with re-speaking, having received funding by the National Science Centre (NCN). To find out more about ILSA, read further here:

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About SubtitleNEXT efficiently supports a plethora of disciplines such as translating, editing, subtitle and dubbing adoption, timing/cueing/spotting, verifying layout on text over media, deliverables and much more. Visit the “home of subtitlers” here to get a full picture and join the growing NEXTclub.

About NEXT-TT allows for the efficient generation at blistering speed of timed-text, dubbing and localisation services of every conceivable type of content. It can be used to manage teams of translators, audio-visual professionals, and creative freelancers, and provides a secure workspace with toolsets that deliver high quality results every time.

To meet the PBT EU / Profuz team during the forum, contact sales@SUBTITLENEXT.COM


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SubtitleNEXT at the forefront of AV, Linguistic & Media industries at Media4All8 in Stockholm

Cutting-edge SubtitleNEXT establishes itself as indispensable for creative subtitle generation in higher education, AV environments and filmmaking


Technology vendor / developers PBT EU and Profuz Digital, unveiled an impressive array of SubtitleNEXT toolsets for language, media and subtitling professionals that work in the LSP (Language Services Providers), Media and AV markets at the Media 4All 8 event. Held in Stockholm in mid-June this year, the forum attracted international academics, researchers, language practitioners, translators, interpreters, broadcasters, government agencies, support groups and the audio-visual translation and media accessibility industries.

SubtitleNEXT software equips users with state-of-the-art multilingual timed-text tools specifically geared up for AVT, media accessibility and entertainment environments.  It is ideal for media, corporate, health, higher education, university markets and government institutions.

As sponsors of the event, alongside Netflix and Lingsoft, the SubtitleNEXT team held one-to-one demonstrations at a dedicated booth, offering visitors an opportunity to experience key features in real-life examples.

Ivanka Vassileva, CEO at PBT EU reflected on Media4All8, ” Media4All8 has been an extremely successful event and on behalf of my team, we thank the organisers and all those who attended. We met familiar faces and made many new friends. There was general concern about AI and Machine Learning (MT) as it has created uncertainty and unpredictability in many areas. We sensed an increased awareness, acceptance and recognition for the SubtitleNEXT brand as a consistent industry player with helpful and work-life-changing capabilities. There was an even deeper appreciation of what PBT EU and Profuz Digital stand for as  well-respected technology vendors partners and it confirmed our strong commitment for the professionals, at all levels, that we are passionate to serve.”

PBT EU Sales Director Alexander Stoyanov’s adds, “The company is seeing much more interest and penetration in the educational institutions, and a lot of universities are discovering that SubtitleNEXT is a compelling solution to include to their courses and curricula. It was great to see that both freelancers and major language services professionals have SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT on their radar. It’s also a fact that audio descriptions and many unconventional accessibility techniques are expected to grow. Chiefly, the Games industry is one I am keeping an eye on – it is soon projected to exceed filmmaking, and this brings immense potential.”

“Events like these, provide vital feedback for further development. The advent of MT is causing great concern among freelance professionals. We understand from speaking to many people at Media4All, that MT, combined with the lowering level of newcomers, is hitting hard on the quality output of the localization industry. However, this climate also offers great opportunity.” noted Kamen Ferdinandov, CTO of Profuz Digital and the brainchild behind SubtitleNEXT.

“My Profuz Digital development team is already working on the next version of SubtitleNEXT which will incorporate vital feedback received at Media4All.  It will include new exciting feature-sets that will reinforce SubtitleNEXT’s position the “go-to” dependable product for creative subtitle generation, and it is already playing an integral role across the AVT, MA and filmmaking processes.” Kamen concludes.

Another exciting addition that is currently in development, building up to the next sponsored event from 19 – 20 September  called Intermedia 2019 Conference in Warsaw, is a spectacular new workflow, specifically designed to suit the “interlingual respeaking” functionality required by many language professionals.  Watch this space for exciting announcements to follow about SubtitleNEXT’s new upgrades and the Warsaw event this year.

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PBT EU celebrates firm partnership with one of Europe’s hottest music channels

CLUBBING TV enlivens Ibiza and Formentera’s music scene

PBT EU celebrates firm partnership with one of Europe’s hottest music channels

PBT EU’s client Clubbing TV has expanded its services to the 24-hour party islands of Ibiza and Formentera. Broadcasting on the digital terrestrial television (DTT) network in HD, Clubbing TV is also available on demand, with an impressive VOD portfolio that includes over 1500 titles with more than 700 hours of HD and 300 hours of 4K content.

Exclusively dedicated to the electronic music scene, Clubbing TV had already selected PlayBox Technology’s AirBox Neo from PBT EU last year when they launched “Clubbing TV Russia” on Rostelecom.

“We are very proud to be associated with a dynamic brand like Clubbing TV and we celebrate our partnership with one of Europe’s most successful HD music TV channels, renowned for their eclectic style. It’s exciting to see them going from strength to strength by effectively reaching out to prime audiences, and broadcasting across Spain’s most popular clubbing trend spots,” notes PBT EU’s sales director Alexander Stoyanov.

“It was just a matter of time before Clubbing TV would be broadcast on the white island,” CEO and founder of Clubbing TV Stephane Schweitzer confirms, “PBT EU’s professional support team are excellent – they have helped with synchronising vast content across numerous servers in each territory.”

“Ibiza and Formentera attract a young, vibrant audience, and its reassuring to have the best technology and support at hand to be able to consistently deliver to pressing 24/7 scheduling demands,” adds general manager at Clubbing TV Nikolay Nachev.
“PBT EU once again played a crucial role here to ensure successful ingestion and integration of live feed into daily playlists via PlayBox’ AirBox Neo, for time-sensitive deliverables.”

Clubbing TV provides a dynamic voice for all dance music genres through its diversified playlist, ranging from big festival Live Broadcasts; DJ interviews from the dance music scene; lifestyle documentaries; DJ Sets; Live Acts with legendary and upcoming artists; after-movie sessions; talk shows, and thousands of hand-picked music videos.

In addition, Clubbing TV’s Ibiza team also produce some of their own exclusive and local premium content, further strengthening Clubbing TV’s role as a fully-fledged accepted Balearic Island resident, including daily Live DJ Sets in partnership with Pure Ibiza Radio. These vibrant shows are produced within a multi-camera full HD production environment and recorded locally, as well as at prominent festivals, concerts worldwide and at Clubbing TV’s Paris studio and island locations.

Founder Stephane Schweitzer concludes, “The party never stops with Clubbing TV! Our channel keeps viewers up to date about what’s trending and we like to make sure everyone is fully informed about what’s happening in and around Ibiza. DJ sets, live broadcasts from the best festivals, lifestyle reports and party agenda: – this is Clubbing TV Ibiza!”


Watch the Clubbing TV Ibiza teasers here:

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About Clubbing TV

The TV channel « Clubbing TV » is available worldwide in native HD and in English. It is the brand of the millennial generation and the first global Lifestyle TV channel exclusively dedicated to live coverage of electronic music events, club culture, clubbing destinations, festivals and concerts from around the world. The 24/7 channel brings the best live events, DJs, music videos, lifestyle programs and party reports from the hottest dance floors and electro festivals worldwide. Clubbing TV makes dance music available in more than 100 million households in 50 countries with 20 exclusive shows representing all electronic music styles and flavours. Clubbing TV broadcasts every week more than 2 hours of live shows & concerts and 4 weekly exclusive shows with full social media interaction. The « Clubbing Experience » show, live from concerts and festivals, Live DJ Sets, TOP Charts and insane interview concept “The Big Bad Box” are just a small preview of Clubbing TV’s exclusive premium content.  Visit them at

About PBT EU
What they do – PBTEU develops and provides performance-leading solutions and customisable engineering system integration to empower content providers, broadcast, production, and post-production professionals to operate efficiently at the forefront of an ever-evolving digital environment.

Who they are & Product Line – PBTEU’s primary focus is flexibility, futureproof customer-driven product innovation, fast deployment, teamwork, perseverance, openness, speed, high quality work, as well as dedicated support of its products, solutions and services, which include – PlayBox Technology Neo product suite, EXEcutor™ broadcast servers and software applications, advanced captioning and subtitling software platform SubtitleNEXT, as well as Profuz Digital’s powerful business process and information management system LAPIS designed to efficiently centralise processes and data all under one roof.

A Global Company –  PBTEU collaborates with worldwide renowned technology partners across distribution and system integration projects. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria with a global outreach including centres outside of the country where sales, support, manufacturing, and R&D operations take place.

PBT EU Contact: Alexander Stoyanov, Sales Director & Partner,, +359 2 439 21 90

PBT EU / Profuz Digital Environment Policy: We are committed to the protection of the environment through implementation and utilisation of responsible operation & management practices. We will adhere to the highest standards of environmentally safe operation of our locations for the protection of our employees, sub-contractors, clients and the people and communities in which we do business.

PBT EU / Profuz Digital Corporate Social Responsibility Policy: We are dedicated to integrating ethical, social and environmental factors within our business strategies aiming to constantly improve our CSR performance. We believe that CSR is integral to the long-term sustainability of our industry and benefits the market around us, and we try to be responsible in all our interaction with customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community.

Videohouse upgrades its SubtitleNEXT software suites for high-performance subtitling

Busy Belgium post-production facility moves to the latest SubtitleNEXT software to boost productivity

Current notable projects using SubtitleNEXT include series Vikings, Big Little Lies and Siren.  

Belgium’s well-established media facility Videohouse recently upgraded its SubtitleNEXT Explorer and Expert software suites from PBT EU, primarily for creating subtitles for numerous high-profile TV series and movies. Videohouse has been at the forefront of the film and television industry, producing films and videos, along with ownership of television and broadcast studios for over 30 years.

Videohouse chose SubtitleNEXT’s licenses back in September 2018, to further enhance its content services department.  Since then, Videohouse has been working nonstop on several projects that have been subtitled using SubtitleNEXT. Recent notable projects using SubtitleNEXT include series Big Little Lies Series 2, Vikings and Siren.

Elisabeth Barber, Videohouse’s Subtitler/Translator said, “It’s been very busy, and it still is with work for HBO series and many other well-known titles. With the latest upgrade of SubtitleNEXT we can tackle these projects with ease and even faster and we achieve excellent results thanks to SubtitleNEXT.”

Alongside the new upgrades and an extremely busy subtitling department, Videohouse is also working with PBT EU on future SubtitleNEXT developments providing valuable feedback and ideas.

Tailored personal preferences have been set up in SubtitleNEXT for each operator with keyboard shortcuts to provide direct access to and from individual workstations so that subtitle artists at the facility can easily switch source devices. Some of the shortcuts speed up the workflow process such as Go to Current Cue In, Go to Current Cue Out, Take In Linked and Take In out.

“Everything is going very well, so we’re still very happy with our transition and investment in SubtitleNEXT technology. We’ve been enjoying using SubtitleNEXT right from the start and it has been in action here ever since,” Elisabeth added.

Ann Van Bogaert, Head of the Subtitling /Translation Department at Videohouse adds, “I use SubtitleNEXT on a daily basis and look forward to translating the upcoming HBO series 2 of Big Little Lies using the software.”

“We are very proud to be associated with Videohouse. The company holds a reputation of pursuing the best technology and expertise. The dedicated team at PBT EU strives to continually develop SubtitleNEXT and equip our customers with ever evolving efficient toolsets that meet the challenging demands in extremely high-pressured deadline-driven environments. The team at Videohouse face enormous workloads, and we are eager to lessen their load wherever we can with innovation that works fast and efficiently and also delivers high-quality.” Maria Markovska, PBT EU’s Sales and Product Specialist confirmed.

Videohouse serves big-brand accounts such as HBO, Endemol, CanalZ, Council of Europe, European Commission, European Parliament, Fremantle Media, Play Sports, MediaLaan, Ring TV, Rai Italia, RTL TV1, and vrt, to name just a few.

Vikings, featuring SubtitleNEXT subtitles is a historical drama television series created and written by Michael Hirst for the History channel.

Siren, also with SubtitleNEXT subtitling, is an American television drama series about a mermaid-obsessed town which is turned upside down when a mysterious girl appears and begins wreaking havoc. Its 16-episode second season has already premiered this year in January 2019.

Big Little Lies is an American drama television series, based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, that premiered on February 19, 2017, on HBO.  Critically acclaimed, the series garnered several accolades including 16 Emmy Award nominations and won eight, including Outstanding Limited Series and acting awards and Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries or Television Film.

HBO renewed the series for a second season and is set to premiere on June 9, 2019.  It features Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley and tells the story of three emotionally troubled women in Monterey, California, who become embroiled in a murder investigation. Alexander Skarsgård, Laura Dern, Jeffrey Nordling, Adam Scott, Zoë Kravitz, and James Tupper feature in supporting roles. Meryl Streep joined the main cast for the second season.

The creators and distributors behind SubtitleNEXT: – PBT EU and Profuz Digital are sponsors of the Media for All International Conference in Stockholm with SubtitleNEXT branded as official Silver Sponsor product of the show. Other sponsors taking part at the event from 17 – 19 June 2019, include major industry players such as Netflix, OOONA and Lingsoft.

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Project stills or EPK may be able to be obtained from Videohouse or the official series’ websites or studios:

About Videohouse

Videohouse is also a member of the Euro Media Group formed from the 2007 merger of the Dutch United Broadcast Facilities and French Euro Media Télévision. Euro Media Group is a leading provider of broadcast and film facilities on the European market with a vast footprint across  seven countries which include the United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. Visit

About SubtitleNEXT
SubtitleNEXT is a user-friendly, innovative, customisable, intuitive timed-text software platform. Already adopted across various multimedia industries, it easily adapts to any settings, resolutions, and formats across online video, TV, film, theatre, concerts, festivals, conferences and events. It can be applied throughout the entire production process from concept to distribution. Visit www.

About PBT EU
What they do – PBTEU develops and provides performance-leading solutions and customisable engineering system integration to empower content providers, broadcast, production, and post-production professionals to operate efficiently at the forefront of an ever-evolving digital environment.

Who they are & Product Line – PBTEU’s primary focus is flexibility, futureproof customer-driven product innovation, fast deployment, teamwork, perseverance, openness, speed, high quality work, as well as dedicated support of its products, solutions and services, which include – PlayBox Technology Neo product suite, EXEcutor™ broadcast servers and software applications, advanced captioning and subtitling software platform SubtitleNEXT, as well as Profuz Digital’s powerful business process and information management system LAPIS designed to efficiently centralise processes and data all under one roof.

A Global Company –  PBTEU collaborates with worldwide renowned technology partners across distribution and system integration projects. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria with a global outreach including centres outside of the country where sales, support, manufacturing, and R&D operations take place.

PBT EU Contact:

Alexander Stoyanov, Sales Director & Partner
+359 2 439 21 90


PBT EU / Profuz Digital Environment Policy: We are committed to the protection of the environment through implementation and utilisation of responsible operation & management practices. We will adhere to the highest standards of environmentally safe operation of our locations for the protection of our employees, sub-contractors, clients and the people and communities in which we do business.

PBT EU / Profuz Digital Corporate Social Responsibility Policy: We are dedicated to integrating ethical, social and environmental factors within our business strategies aiming to constantly improve our CSR performance. We believe that CSR is integral to the long-term sustainability of our industry and benefits the market around us, and we try to be responsible in all our interaction with customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community.