MS Consulting Gabon selected PBT EU’s EXEcutor Broadcast Servers to help bolster Satellite Coverage Expansion project of its LABEL TV

PBT EU’s EXEcutor Channel-in-a-Box solution gives dependable support.


Media group MS Consulting Gabon, chose to invest in PBT EU’s EXEcutor turnkey solutions to help amplify and further extend satellite coverage of its recently launched television channel LABEL TV. Since its inception last year, three additional TV stations and two radio platforms have also been broadcast alongside the flagship. Considered as the “Showcase of Emerging Africa”, the TV station is a platform of excellence equipped with world-leading technology.

LABEL TV’s team was looking for the most robust and comprehensive solution in the market to contribute to the smooth-running of their state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. They needed reliable servers that would be undemanding and effortless to integrate with their other systems.


PBT EU was designated to supply four EXEcutor Channel-in-a-Box HD servers with backup setup, a Central NAS, including a Social Media Box which provides ingest, media management, titling, graphics, playout, and scheduling. Content can achieve output into a multitude of IP-streaming formats or via traditional SDI connections, supporting resolutions from SD to 4K, including the ability to stream multiple channels simultaneously.

PBT EU’s sales director Alexander Stoyanov notes, “At the forefront of the audio-visual media sector with sharp international focus, LABEL TV has positioned itself as an influential podium to the voiceless across the African continent and is a force for good. They are an aspirational example to the entire broadcasting world and we are particularly proud of this project. LABEL TV is a fine example of how adopting high-end technology to create an innovative television facility is not confined by region or technological change, but rather inspired by the vision of the people who run it. I hope other broadcasters will be encouraged by LABEL TV’s accomplishments. It should restore faith in broadcasting again and what can be achieved, even despite challenges, by committing to remain relevant and deliver updated content that enhances the lives of viewers.”

CEO of MS Consulting Gabon and Founder of LABEL TV, Mactar Silla confirms, “After a thorough investigation of the market’s leading solutions at various trade shows including IBC, where we met Alexander on several occasions, we were sold on PBT EU’s technology – it’s the perfect solution for our final playout, designed to host four channels in total.”
Adding further, “We wanted an efficient and cost-effective solution, and other key prerequisites were that the systems had to be easy to install and implement and crucially, be straightforward to run on a day-to-day basis. We are fully reassured and have full confidence in the team’s prompt assistance whenever we need them. PBT EU also presents our customers with a training course to operate the equipment in a short space of time. So, they have ticked all the boxes.”

Based in the bustling port city of Libreville, Mactar Silla established MS Consulting Gabon four years ago, before launching LABEL TV in August 2017, which received an official inauguration by President Ali Bongo Ondimba. Regarded as a significant platform due to its impact on daily life in a period of profound technological change, it provides viewers with coverage of the African continent via satellite and hosts a network of international correspondents located across the globe. The channel addresses the reality of the continent’s marginalization and creates content, productions, editions, distribution of programmes and value-added services, while constantly engaging with young talents and media sector professionals.

For the Gabonese president, the advent of LABEL TV is a perfect illustration of the government’s policy of encouraging foreign direct investment which plans to invest CFA150 billion in digital technology over the next three years. This was stated last April by the communication minister during the IT & Telecom Africa forum on digital challenges held in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire). Announcing major steps at the opening of DISCOP DUBAI 2018 where LABEL TV is an attraction at the Africa Pavilion, Mactar Silla confirmed that “Audio-visual Africa is to be constructed with optimism to accompany the emergence of the continent, to reflect its pluralistic picture and contribute to sustainable development with effects shared by all.”

LABEL TV and LABEL RADIO are channels edited by MS CONSULTING, an Unipersonal Company with Limited Responsibility founded by Mactar SILLA, Group Chairman & CEO G (former boss of public Radio Télévision Sénégalaise (RTS), private STV in Cameroon, international francophone Paris-based TV5 Afrique , WorldSpace West Africa(USA) and Africaonline (Kenya /UK) and placed under the General Management of Ousmane CISSE, an Economist and Fiscal Expert, former Director of Administration and Finance of RTS (Senegal) and Director General of private 2STV (Senegal). Conceived in its implementation as an integrated and integrative project and considered as the very first pan African media group by its staff, its content, its localization, the project was launched on August 14, 2017, in Libreville (Gabon). Label Radio TV aspires to position as a Showcase and Voice for Emerging Africa deeply rooted in the heart of the Continent and opening out on various geographical and cultural areas. It considers the strategic stakes of the most essential communication sector due to its impact on daily life in a period of profound technological changes. It includes recent developments in Africa, entrant new actors, but also, the reality of the continent’s marginalization in the industry of content, production, edition, distribution of programmes and added value services. It federates a group among the best professionals in the sector as well as young talents (press, agency, radio, TV, multimedia, etc.), ready to build together a platform of excellence.