HD Media’s MovieSTAR® and The World® gear up to a whole new level of service with PBT EU’s EXEcutor™ and SubtitleNEXT solutions

HD Media chose the EXEcutor™ and SubtitleNEXT text service solutions from PBT EU (PlayBox Technology EU) to run two of their major film and documentary Digital TV stations “MovieSTAR®” and “The World®”.


Pioneers in niche theme programming since 2008, HD Media works with world renowned major-league studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios International B.V., Twentieth Century Fox, MGM International Television Distribution Inc., Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, Miramax, Lionsgate, and many other top brands.


HD Media established its first Bulgarian film channel “MovieSTAR®” in 2011 to deliver the very best of European and world cinema, including over 500 titles a month, no advertising breaks with fully subtitled content. In addition, “The World®” is HD Media’s special interest documentary channel with nationwide coverage targeting modern lifestyle viewers, focused on the environment, ecology, natural disasters, and their prevention.


HD Media’s premium channels called for a first-rate and integrated broadcast solution, that needed to meet the highest technological standards and provide excellent viewing experiences to an increasingly demanding audience. The price/performance ratio of the Dual Channel EXEcutor™ playout server, including the flexibility of its independent playlist creation, subtitle preparation and channel branding, were among the key factors that influenced HD Media to select PBT EU’s solution.


PBT EU’s extended hardware warranty and Premium Support service appealed too, and were considered exceptional added-value, offering long term security to HD Media in a business where оn-air availability is a predominant success factor.


On the production side, brand new Dual Channel EXEcutor™ playout servers with the latest PlayBox Technology software were recently installed at HD Media’s premises to revitalise the current set-up. Existing subtitle processing had also been renewed with upgraded SubtitleNEXT Explorer packs, further broadening text service technical capacity, designed to keep up with changing market trends.


HD Media started off as a translation, subtitling and film content processing services provider for “New Media” platforms such as Pay TV, Pay-per-View, Video on Demand, IPTV, and Mobile applications. CEO of HD Media Daniela Tzenova remarks, “At its foundation, HD Media is a translation, localisation and subtitling company, and having both broadcast and text services equipment supplied, and supported, from a single manufacturer like PBT EU, solves a lot of organisational and technological issues.” Daniela notes, “The partnership with the world’s biggest film studios, demands that we uphold a dynamic production environment and maintain a competitive edge at all times.”

Daniela Tzenova, CEO of HD Media

Sales Account Manager Maria Markovska at PBT EU comments, “Interaction daily with the people at HD Media really helped us understand their requirements, and we were able to shape flexible solutions that were right for them.” Adding further, she says, “This process helped the PBT EU team to develop a deeper understanding of HD Media’s workflow processes and legacy routines, right from the start, and it definitely played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of the entire project.”