Silver Sponsor PBT EU’s Insight from The Languages & The Media 2018 Conference in Berlin

Silver Sponsor PBT EU’s Insight from The Languages & The Media 2018 Conference in Berlin

PBT EU introduced new Timed-Text hybrid platform NEXT-TT

PBT EU presented its new Timed-Text hybrid platform NEXT-TT to a record number of attendees at The Languages and The Media 2018 Conference in Berlin this month, which hosted over 375 participants from 40 countries.

Powered by Profuz Digital, the new web-based hybrid platform NEXT-TT solution consists of the subtitling software application SubtitleNEXT working together with LAPIS (Limitless Advanced Powerful and Intelligent System). Combining these two separate potent components results in one powerful unified platform. SubtitleNEXT and LAPIS can also be used separately. The winning combination has resulted in efficient capabilities that now enable much faster and even more reliable high quality timed-text management, dubbing and localization toolsets that equip translators, AV professionals, and creative freelancers to work at a much more effective level.

This year’s event marked the 12th international conference on language transfer in AV, designed to examine crucial challenges and the way in which cutting-edge technologies like SubtitleNEXT are changing how AV media is delivered globally and how it’s consumed across languages.

PBT EU was a key Silver Sponsor displaying the SubtitleNEXT logo among four other industry heavyweight brands namely Deluxe, Plint, STAR and Gold Sponsor, Netflix.

In addition, the conference included an exhibition, where PBT EU welcomed visitors to their booth. They conducted over 70 demos and attracted enormous interest from a wide range of people that included students, professional subtitlers, academics, business owners, through to Language Service Providers from all around the world.

Visitors to the PBT EU booth were impressed that the hybrid NEXT-TT can be used for a plethora of tasks that include audio descriptions, dubbing lists, captions, subtitles, annotations, creative subtitles, live subtitling, gaming and corporate video localization. The fact that these can then be integrated within a variety of other project management systems was a key factor. NEXT-TT provides subtitlers with more options as to how they choose to work, whether it be on the desktop or in the cloud.

PBT EU’s COO and Managing Partner Ivanka Vassileva shared her insights gained from the event. “The Languages & The Media 2018 Conference was very well organised with a series of highly innovative exchanges about how technology is currently moulding the future of the media and language industries. The event proved to be a key meeting point of academic, business and freelancers gathered to join the debate and discuss the future of where we are all headed.”

“What seemed to attract the most attention,” Ivanka noted, “was the fact that we have a comprehensive and innovative toolset that is a powerful addition for production studio workflow management, including dubbing. Some of the excellent feedback we received from the experts in their field was that our timed text services editor is pretty advanced and easy to use.”  Adding further, “We received constructive comments that it is such an advantage that our solution can work both online and offline, as there are still a lot of cases where subtitlers are confined to only working offline.”

CTO of PBT EU, Kamen Ferdinandov who was present at the event, remarked on the major topics that caught his attention, “Themes about automation of translation, speech to text tools, security, cloud-powered technology and toolsets, as well as the impracticality of covering localization requirements without human correction or intervention, as well as quality standards, accessible filmmaking and many more were discussed in great detail.”

He expanded further, “Being involved in a conference of this high calibre has been extremely positive and productive for us as a company. We had the opportunity to talk to top industry influencers and users from across the globe and we were eager to hear about their challenges.

In turn, we used the opportunity to highlight how the latest developments of SubtitleNEXT can resolve many of their issues. With content owners facing tight deadlines, embracing technology that provides flexibility and opens up further collaboration, is a positive step forward. People don’t want technology that intends to replace them but to rather work alongside them, therefore freeing up time and costs and that’s what we can deliver. So, we are on the right path and will continue to develop new features that help meet the needs of subtitlers even further. Interacting with world-class professionals from many different countries has reinforced NEXT-TT’s position in the market, as it offers a sought-after cloud-based solution.”

Subtitlers can visit the NEXTclub, a growing community sharing tips and tricks, where members can contribute to forums and have access to key industry insights. Visit







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