PBT EU debuts SubtitleNEXT in Madrid at BITAM 2017

21 – 23 November 2017 – Stand 43 – BITAM
Pabellón de Cristal, Recinto Ferial de la Casa de Campo de Madrid, Spain

PlayBox Technology EU (PBT EU) premieres its revolutionary multilingual captioning SubtitleNEXT suite of products that support real time capabilities for the first time in Spain at BITAM (Booth 43). BITAM is an annual industry event that brings broadcast, IT, audio and media sectors together in one space.

“We are absolutely delighted to be part of BITAM in Madrid again this year, positioned on partner booth 43. Following the immense interest at IBC this year, we are using the opportunity to launch our array of SubtitleNEXT applications at BITAM. With upcoming demand in translation services worldwide, we are at hand to advise and offer support to professionals coming to the show about how to solve their captioning and subtitling needs.” PBT EU’s sales director and managing partner Alexander Stoyanov affirms.

SubtitleNEXT is PBT EU’s advanced captioning subtitling product family of toolsets with a remarkable scope of modules, applications and hardware that supports all timed text-related scenarios from creation to distribution. The product line includes several software licensing options, ranging from entry level SubtitleNEXT Novice to Еxplorer, Spark, Spin and Live Options, SubtitleNEXT Spectrum, SubtitleNEXT Air through to SubtitleNEXT Expert, with the latest brand-new ground-breaking SubtitleNEXT Central which launched at IBC 2017.


SubtitleNEXT Central forms the backbone of an end to end subtitle workflow, and is an exceptional development with multichannel, multilingual captioning and subtitling modules that flaunt advanced subtitle workflow capabilities with the tremendous capacity to support universal subtitle format transcoding and real time live content. SubtitleNEXT Central is specifically designed for real time automatic subtitle processing and output in different standards and protocols, manipulating different offline file formats, as well as real time protocols and standards as key sources that are linked to several programme sources at the same time.

Contact Sales Director Alexander Stoyanov from PBT EU on +359888899397 or email sales.es@pbteu.com to meet at the show or find him on Stand 43.