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Blog post: Challenges M&E companies face today Part II

by Kamen Ferdinandov Managing the shifting Media Landscape driven by Technology The digital media landscape as a whole is undergoing dramatic transformation with companies having to navigate through emerging technologies alongside elements of associated social change at the same time. The entire value chain is affected, including media owners through to agencies, and ultimately marketeers […]

Blog post: Challenges M&E companies face today Part I

by Kamen Ferdinandov Why I started Profuz LAPIS? The Profuz LAPIS platform I created has been used to build web-based modern and scalable all-in-one solutions for companies such as Canal+ Myanmar FG, Doli Media Studios and recently the Jornal do Centro media group in Portugal. Adopting Profuz LAPIS’ capabilities has helped these corporations centralise their […]

Hellenic American College in Athens invests in SubtitleNEXT to equip Masters in Translation students with key localization skills

SubtitleNEXT prepares students with a definitive career path to face the pace of demand in the translation and creative industries PBT EU is delighted to announce the adoption of  the SubtitleNEXT system at Hellenic American College in Athens, making it the first college in Greece to offer the platform for its Masters in Translation (MAT) […]

SubtitleNEXT version 5.5 unveiled at September shows

IABM-member PBT EU Strengthens Global Presence bringing fresh momentum to multiple events with Profuz Digital LAPIS and SubtitleNEXT  at Elevate, Intermedia & IBC for broadcasters and subtitlers SubtitleNEXT version 5.5 unveiled at September shows September has been a productive and busy month for SubtitleNEXT’s creator and distributor  – Profuz Digital and PBT EU. They made […]