SubtitleNEXT is the Tool of Choice for European School of Translation’s audio-visual courses

SubtitleNEXT is the Tool of Choice for European School of Translation’s audio-visual courses

PBT EU and EST partner to provide the best learning opportunities to subtitling professionals of the future

When professionals with a passion meet, they share ideas that spark innovation. This happened recently at The Languages & The Media 2018 Conference in Berlin, when Valeria Cervetti, head teacher and director of the Audio-visual Translation courses at the European School of Translation (EST) met PBT EU’s Sales and Product Specialist Maria Markovska.

Valeria was looking for a user-friendly, reliable and professional software tool for her subtitling students, an application that could help them take their first steps, and then provide a lasting solution for their professional career requirements. She had been using PBT EU’s SubtitleNEXT solution for some time and was convinced it was the right answer for her training needs.

PBT EU’s COO and Managing Partner Ivanka Vassileva and her team, on the other hand, were looking for a training school to partner with, to introduce young professionals to the world of subtitling with PBT EU’s SubtitleNEXT educational version, a fully-featured edition of their flagship software.

It was a marriage made in heaven: – EST and PBT EU decided to sign a partnership agreement in which PBT EU would provide free educational licences for EST students throughout 2018 as well as a 30% discount on the purchase of any version of SubtitleNEXT. The educational licence (fully functional except for imports/exports limited to 20-25 subtitles) covers installations for both Mac and Windows OS users.

EST will become a certified SubtitleNEXT teaching institution at the SN Academy, thus helping to promote the use of this simple, yet powerful professional tool for the audio-visual industry.

“We are honoured to partner with PBT EU and very excited to start this joint venture,” commented Andrea Spila, Director of Studies at EST. “We are sure that our students will greatly benefit by using SubtitleNEXT during our courses and that they will be fully equipped subtitlers when they enter the industry.”


“We are delighted to join hands with the European School of Translation and look forward to a close long-term relationship with them. This collaboration is a natural step forward in bringing greater value to enhancing the careers of trainee subtitlers and translators. The European School of Translation are renown for equipping professionals of the future with the best credentials including knowing how to use the latest innovation in their field such as SubtitleNEXT. We feel very proud and excited to see our SubtitleNEXT software well-placed in a respected educational organisation like the European School of Translation, where it can help to serve future generations.” PBT EU’s Sales and Product Specialist Maria Markovska confirmed.

SubtitleNEXT is a user-friendly, innovative timed-text software platform, designed for personal and professional use. Used throughout the entire video production process from concept to distribution, it simplifies processes throughout the entire work cycle. Fully customizable and intuitive, it delivers quality results with accuracy and speed: it is therefore an ideal solution for both students and junior or senior professionals, requiring a fully-fledged tool to meet their most demanding challenges. Already adopted across various multimedia industries, it easily adapts to any settings, resolutions, and formats across online video, TV, film, theatre, concerts, festivals, conferences and events. It can be applied throughout the entire production process from concept to distribution.

PBT EU develops and provides performance-leading solutions and customisable engineering system integration to empower content providers, broadcast, production, and post-production professionals to operate efficiently at the forefront of an ever-evolving digital environment. PBT EU has also founded the NEXTclub – a growing SubtitleNEXT community sharing tips and tricks, where members can contribute to forums and have access to key industry insights.  Join the Club here

The European School of Translation was the first Italian school to offer online training courses for translators. Founded in 2009, EST has trained professionals of all ages, focusing on technological and entrepreneurial skill development, as well as on translation skills. In 2017, EST launched a learning path for training audio-visual industry language experts; the courses are directed by Valeria Cervetti, a senior subtitling, dubbing and adaptation consultant, as well as founder of Terzarima, together with Arianna Farabollini, also a trainer on the course. EST was founded by AlfaBeta, a Rome-based language service provider and web consultancy specializing in multilingual web solutions.


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– PBTEU develops and provides performance-leading solutions and customisable engineering system integration to empower content providers, broadcast, production, and post-production professionals to operate efficiently at the forefront of an ever-evolving digital environment.

Who they are & Product Line – PBTEU’s primary focus is flexibility, futureproof customer-driven product innovation, fast deployment, teamwork, perseverance, openness, speed, high quality work, as well as dedicated support of its products, solutions and services, which include – PlayBox Technology Neo product suite, EXEcutor™ broadcast servers and software applications, advanced captioning and subtitling software platform SubtitleNEXT, as well as Profuz Digital’s powerful business process and information management system LAPIS designed to efficiently centralise processes and data all under one roof.

A Global Company –  PBTEU collaborates with worldwide renowned technology partners across distribution and system integration projects. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria with a global outreach including centres outside of the country where sales, support, manufacturing, and R&D operations take place.  Visit  Follow on Twitter @PBT_EU

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IT Pros Subtitles® and SubtitleNEXT join forces in bringing expert subtitling knowledge to industry newcomers and help improve industry standards

PBT EU with ADDITELECOM transforms Calamocha TV’s infrastructure to cope with industry changes


Calamocha TV’s capabilities enhanced by PBT EU-ADDITELECOM’s
combined services


With constant pressure on broadcasters to adapt to immense change, Spain’s Calamocha TV entrusted IT provider ADDITELECOM, with long-standing technology partner PBT EU to transform its old analogue systems and streamline its existing infrastructure.  PBT EU provided Calamocha TV with brand new broadcast server upgrades and continuity TV system updates from ADDITELECOM to significantly bolster performance.

The project involved ensuring full compatibility with central control from the PlayBox system to enable smooth implementation and seamless video processing that was also well coordinated with the other related systems within the broadcaster’s workflow. Compliance was vital across the other products that included Roland HD Mixers, TVPROMPT systems, JVC cameras, AVMATRIX converters and distributors.


PBT EU’s sales director Alexander Stoyanov remarks, “PBT EU is traditionally well-positioned in the regional TV channels sector, and we work hard to ensure that our long-term customers like Calamocha TV take the right steps on their technological journey. By choosing the best solution that secures their progress, results in a positive outcome that ultimately brings a better viewing experience for audiences.”

José Luis Lajara, General Manager of ADDITELECOM adds, “PBT EU provided a viable solution that elevated and “future-proofed” Calamocha TV’s abilities to the highest HD broadcasting level and standards. This move will help them boldly attract future customers and further innovative projects with confidence. Our key strength is in our partnerships and that’s why we rely on PBT EU as their expertise and knowledge about the industry, PlayBox technology and broadcast engineering systems for radio and television are of the highest calibre.”


Jose Luis Lajara – GM, ADDITELECOM


CEO of Calamocha TV Sergio Martinez states, “We have an excellent relationship with PBT EU and their partner ADDITELECOM. We take their consultation seriously to help us stay ahead of the game. It’s become increasingly important to keep abreast of the continuously shifting sands of market trends in the industry today and we rely on companies like PBT EU and ADDITELECOM. As they are attuned to emerging trends themselves, they also keep adapting and therefore know how to introduce fresh solutions that truly meet demand.”


Sergio Martinez, CEO at Calamocha TV, Spain






Established in 1993, ADDITELECOM is a manufacturer and developer of teleprompter systems, automated continuity for TV and wireless systems – digital links in HD. ADDITELECOM is also an IT provider specializing in systems integration and AV installation for broadcasters and telecommunications organization. The company works on local and international projects with an exhaustive list of customers to their name such as Canal 44 TV, 8 MADRID TV, CHANNEL NEWS NEBRASKA, Canal 6 TV, ZTV, ARAGON TV, TVE, Candidature Olympic Madrid 2020, EL MUNDO, Pyrene Producciones, Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia, Siemens, TV Portugal, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Zaragoza, UFV and many more. Recent projects include the MEDIALAB experience of UNIVERSIDAD CAMILO JOSE CELA ( UCJC) and MAGICAL (PCiTAL Lleida) as shown on their website


About Calamocha TV Spain
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