IP stream playout solution with remote management and monitoring


Blade servers farm IP stream playout solution with remote management and monitoring


Blade servers farm IP stream playout solution with remote management and monitoring

Workflow consists of 1 or more blade servers with 2 nodes per chassis. That configuration gives the opportunity to save rackspace and streamline your workflow.

Every node is one Channel- in- a- Box configuration, or it can be a playout and CG, it depends on clients needs.

Every playout receives IP stream input via IP Matrix switcher that is controllable through a playout application thus it is possible to choose which IP stream input will be used as a source signal.

Our playout server platform via its Multi Parallel Output (MPO) technology allows IP streams with different codecs (MPEG2, H.264), resolutions (HD, SD) and transports (UDP, RTP) to be outputted simultaneously. The playout audio can optionally be encoded into Dolby Digital (AC3) and inserted into the output UDP streams. The IP stream outputs are broadcasted to output IP matrix switcher, and this gives possibility to manage output streams according to workflow needs.

All media assets are stored on NAS and video files are moved and manipulated by a SafeBox application which main task is to take care all daily playlists and corresponding video files to be copied to each particular playout server.

In order to avoid broadcast downtimes, the system is configured to use N+M playout redundancy scheme with Multi Backup Manager application that gives full redundancy monitoring and live switching to backup servers if there is a problem with the main playout.

For the purpose of monitoring and remote management of playout servers we use our EXEcutor control panel. This application is capable to monitor and manage one or more playout servers remotely with full capability to modify playlists, upload video files and execute secondary events, same as a desktop playout application. EXEcutor control panel is a web based application.

In order to prepare daily playlists ScheduleBox is another web based application for creating complex playlists remotely.

It is always necessary to avoid any problems or downtimes in broadcast industry. You have to be sure that your video assets are in a good shape, there is no room for badly encoded video files. That is why we include our QC solution in the workflow. With QCBox all files are tested before they become available for making playlists and before they will be sent to the playout server. In this way our client can be sure that all files are good and that there will be no problems once video files are on-air.

Remote management and monitoring

If your broadcasting facility is in one building, town, country and your MCR and management staff is on a remote location, with this workflow all your broadcasting services are at your fingertips. Via KVM Network is possible to control all distance servers, as well as your Multi Backup and IP matrix switching. Also, EXEcutor control panel for playout monitoring and management, ScheduleBox for complex playlists, graphics preparation, IP stream monitoring are connected to the system.

Author: Bojan Markovic, Technical Director at PBTEU

A cost effective turnkey solution for a small TV studio

A cost effective TV studio with Blackmagic Design products and an EXEcutor™ server.


cost effective turnkey solution for a small TV studio

The studio includes advanced broadcast cameras for live HD production with 10” viewfinder, MFT lens mount, support for up to 1080p60, 4 hour battery, talkback, tally and more. Perfect for outdoor and indoor live production. Supports the worlds best broadcast lenses. Blackmagic Studio Camera includes everything you need for live production all in a single self contained solution. However when you want to add large lenses, or smooth professional tripods then you can select from a massive range of third party accessories. With industry standard connectors, interchangeable lenses, and multiple mounting points you can customize the camera for any type of production using a virtually limitless selection of third party accessories.

The camera control is done by Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Production Studio 4K. It includes advanced 6G-SDI and HDMI 4K inputs that are SD, HD or Ultra HD switchable so you can connect to virtually anything! Every input supports embedded audio mixing and features a frame resynchronizer so you can use sources without genlock such as consumer HDMI cameras or even computers for live PowerPoint™ presentations! You also get 2 balanced XLR audio inputs for connecting professional mixers.

ATEM includes program and down converted program outputs plus auxiliary outputs allowing clean feeds, perfect for connecting to LED screens, projectors, disk recorders, monitors and broadcast decks! The multi view outputs are 1080i HD so you can use any TV or monitor. You also get a balanced XLR output of your audio mix, which is also embedded into all video outputs.
ATEM includes a huge range of real time high quality transitions that are available in all SD, HD or Ultra HD resolutions!

It’s important for camera operators to know when their camera is on air, so they don’t inadvertently change their shot when millions of people could be viewing! ATEM Studio Converter  supports SDI tally output from the program feed of switchers, such as Blackmagic Design’s ATEM range of live production switchers.

ATEM Studio Converter’s rack mount design has 4 bi-directional optical fiber connections so you can connect multiple camera converters and convert the optical fiber input to SDI and de-embed audio using XLR connections.

Workflow includes EXEcutor™ Channel-in-a-box all-in-one turnkey server designed for broadcasting and certified for taking the best from PLAYBOX Software. EXEcutor™ Channel in a Box is a turnkey playout server solution for broadcasting a single TV channel and available in SD or HD. It integrates all the elements needed to keep a channel on-air by combining scheduling, ingestplayout, CG and interactive graphics within one box. The output can be SDI or IP streaming and suitable for applications including broadcast TV, internet TV, cable TV etc.

With the MPO – Multi Parallel Output feature EXEcutor enables the running of two or more outputs so that broadcasters can easily provide parallel outputs in any combination needed to deliver the content. For example, HD SDI and IP streaming at the same time. It allows IP streams with different codecs (MPEG2, H.264), resolutions (HD, SD) and transports (UDP, RTP) to be outputted simultaneously. The playout audio can optionally be encoded into Dolby Digital (AC3) and inserted into the output UDP streams.

However we can offer additional encoders such as Ateme DVB Kyrion AM broadcast encoder. Kyrion enables High Quality terrestrial broadcast. The ATEME Kyrion™ AM2102 is the High Video Quality, Multi-Channel H264 and MPEG2 encoder designed to address a broad range of Digital Television applications. Its state of the art encoding core allows bouquet aggregators, broadcasters and video service operators to save bandwidth and reach their audiences with a revolutionized picture quality.

About PBTEU:

As a system integrator, PBT EU maintains parthnership with renowned and trusted companies as Imagine Communications, Blackmagic Design, Adder, Autodesk, ISID, Ateme, Adobe, SGO, EMC Isilon, Chaos Group, Sony, Evertz, Axon and many others.

Our experienced team has the expertise to integrate and install the PlayBox Technology portfolio of products all over the world, and is focused on constantly delivering value- added service.

We consult, design, and deploy projects and products, as well as provide support in various ways – SLA, 24/7, call free number, etc. Our clients can be confident that we will protect their interests, and the solution that we will offer will be the right one for them.

Complete broadcast turnkey solution with equipment, installation, training and support can be provided by PBTEU with best possible prices.

The EXEcutor™ Servers- How are they made?

The EXEcutor™ Servers- How are they made?

EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers are the result of years of IT and broadcast engineering experience.

Developed for flexibility of usage and a variety of working environments, with the goal to deliver the ultimate performance for its price range, each EXEcutor™ Broadcast Server is assembled at our dedicated production facility by a committed team of hardware specialists, with precision and patience.

Only proven, high-end, server grade components are used. And we can offer custom-tailored solutions according to your preferences: choose desired form factor for your EXEcutor™ Server – 1RU to 3RU rack mounted or tower case, go more powerful and faster with a dual CPU, and feel safer and more reliable with redundant hot – swappable power supply units and a RAID protection on both system and storage hard drives.

After assembly, the EXEcutor™ server is connected and initial hardware testing is done. Upon successful completion of these initial tests, an IT technician installs the operating system, drivers and supporting software.

A Broadcast engineer is then assigned to the EXEcutor™ server, and he will carry out the installation, setup and a custom modification of the specific software according to customer specifications.

Later on each EXEcutor™ server undergoes a high stress test in a simulated real-life situation for no less than 24 hours, thus checking all aspects and overall performance of the whole system.

If all test results are satisfactory, EXEcutor™ Broadcast Server proceeds to the final steps: An image of the system drives is created and burned onto a DVD, the server is closed, sealed, labeled and packaged together with proper documentation and accessories – Now it is ready for shipping….

But that is not the end for us, because we do not follow “Fire and Forget” strategy!

All information pertinent to our servers is stored in our database and is available upon request to our Technical Support Team who offer Extended Warranty and 24/7 Premium Support Services, of which we are proud.

Just tell us your server serial number and we will have all the relevant data instantly: logs, hardware description, system settings – even the original image of the whole system; everything that will help us support you faster and better.

An Expanding Reach – A CABSAT 2016 Overview

EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers introduced at CABSAT 2016 for a complete broadcast architecture.

As technology grows, the world is getting smaller, they say. Boundaries fall not only for people, but for technology and know-how as well. Maybe we’re not far from the moment of “global knowledge”, yet there is some walking to be done down that alley.

A good step in this direction, was this year’s debut of PlayBox Technology Europe (PBT EU) on the most prolific broadcast tradeshow in the Middle East – CABSAT, celebrated in the magnetic city of Dubai. After the significant structural changes within the PlayBox group, happened last year, our main goal was to gather an impression for a market, which till the moment has been relatively distant businesswise. And at the same time discuss our business approach with partners and customers, longing for a breath of fresh air in a region vastly dominated by traditionalism in sales and technology.

PBT EU was always and will be counting on its loyal partners, so who better to trust for building some new bridges? Facing short preparation terms, we thank all our business associates who didn’t spare time, efforts and funds to host our products and solution on their booths, spread the word around and generate the attention we faced. А month later we already see the clear results and this is just the start.

“A really challenging show with a lot of potential!” – Alex Stoyanov, Sales Director of PBT EU comments. “The mixture of experience solution providers and keen regional partners and customers, ready to embrace proven business models and technology is inspiring. An excellent environment to introduce our new EXEcutor server line, reinforced with all additional solutions we provide towards a complete broadcast architecture. Looking forward for the next edition and I hope PBT EU participation to be even more attractive” – Mr. Stoyanov concluded.

Mr. Vladimir Stanic, General Manager of PlayBox Technology Europe added “We are so excited that on CABSAT we found so big interest in EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers which are the future of PlayBox- based turnkey solutions. People there were eager to know more about our technology. Except Combo4K EXEcutor™ with 4K SDI output on 50fps, we have shown how we are doing different kind of integrations with our partners, we did workflow with ZIXI streaming transport service, for reliable and cost effective transport through public internet.”

The conclusion: Our approach to the business, meaning a good service to the clients, a fast deployment of new TV channels, an unmatched around the clock support and the highly reliable EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers , is opening doors for us to the Middle East market.

Bloomberg TV Launches in Bulgaria. Chooses PlayBox Products.

In September 2015, with the start of the new business season, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria launched its brand new channel for business news in Bulgarian language. No surprise, following the news that Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, was rated among the Top Ten cities in Europe for creating a startup company, that the media environment was enriched with a TV channel focused on the dynamic business world.

In the quest for excellence and keeping the world class standards of Bloomberg, PBT EU (PlayBox Technology Europe) is proud to have been chosen to provide the core technological background which results in a channel vision for every business oriented viewer to enjoy.

“We delivered main playout system – AirBox, Two CG solutions – TitleBox, Production AirBox, News room system and 3rd party equipment for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. These PlayBox products provide an integrated newsroom and playout solution, which PBT EU is honored to stand behind.” commented Eleonora Svetozarova, who was leading the project from the start.

“I am very pleased by the professionalism of the PBT EU team, and the results we achieved together“, said Plamen Yordanov, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria Technical Director. Its not the first time we combine our efforts and trust to the expertise of a worldly renowned broadcast brand, which also happens to be next door. And I am pretty confident we still have a lot of challenges ahead of us, which I hope we’ll face even better.

Bloomberg TV launches in Bulgaria. Chooses Playbox products.

About PBT EU: PlayBox Technology Europe is a world renowned provider of software-based playout and CG solutions based on PlayBox software. More information is available at www.pbteu.com
PlayBox Technology Europe Press Contact: Alexander Stoyanov
Email: marketing@pbteu.com

About Bloomberg TV Bulgaria: Bloomberg TV Bulgaria was created as a next step in the very successful partnership between TV Bulgaria ON AIR and the global leader in financial and economic news and information Bloomberg Television. Bloomberg TV Bulgaria provides fast, comprehensive and reliable information about the economic and financial processes and events around the world and at home, and studies their impact on the life of all Bulgarians. For more information, go to bloombergtv.bg


STN Increases Playbox Server Capacity. Adds Over 20 New Channels

PBT EU (Playbox Technology Europe) is proud to announce its growing partnership with STN – currently one of its largest key accounts in Europe.

PBT EU deployed a project for the Global Satellite Telecommunications Network which launched over 20 new channels for their premium play out services. The integration was accomplished using Isilon high-end storage with 70TB space dedicated for the channel setup. All playouts infrastructure are fully HD-equipped with Multi-Backup Manager which provides fail-safe automatic switchover to a redundant AirBox if a primary server goes down. The installation was completed by STN and PBT EU engineers working together. All channels allow remote management control, as well as internal and external monitoring.

STN and PBT EU plan to continue their collaboration through more joint activities in the near future, and are excited about the long-term prospects of their productive partnership.
STN Increases Playbox Server Capacity. Adds over 20 New Channels


A strong established partnership between both STN and PBT EU, gives way to providing high level, flexible and fast response services to our clients. With continuing and increasing demand for this technology, we have no doubt that we will continue to add more Playbox servers in the near future.”, said Saso Hauzer, STN Sales Director.

We are so happy that our partnership with STN has proven so beneficial for both companies over the years. PlayBox Technology Europe will continue to support STN with good technical support and fast deployment of good and flexible solutions for their new channels.”, stated Vladimir Stanic, General Manager of PBT EU.

About PBT EU: PlayBox Technology Europe is a world renowned provider of software-based playout and CG solutions based on PlayBox software. More information is available at www.pbteu.com

PlayBox Technology Europe Press Contact:
Alexander Stoyanov
E: marketing@pbteu.com

About STN: Satellite Telecommunications Network (STN) is a leading provider of solutions for broadcast over satellite and media services globally. In addition to its cutting-edge facilities, STN is celebrated for its quality of services that include multiple solutions, satellites and platforms. Its specialty is customizing services to ideally suit individual customer’s requirements, making it a single state-of-the-art emporium with quality highlighting everything you need. For more information, go to www.stn.eu or send an inquiry at sales@stn.eu

Camilo José Cela University Upgrades Medialab with PlayBox

October 2015, Madrid, SPAIN

Camilo José Cela University upgraded its audiovisual department Medialab with HD Bundle Airbox + Titlebox + Ingest Multiformat from PlayBox Technology Europe last month. The advantage that this upgrade has brought to their tapeless operations, came from the easiness and user-friendliness of the all-in-one system and multiformat processing.

Playing and title from Airbox has allowed editing independent of the platform (Apple or Windows), which has significantly improved our client’s workflow”, said Jose Luis Lajara, of ADDItelecom S.L. the project.

Cooperation with ADDItelecom in Spain brought us another successful implementation in an educational institution. Future professionals of the industry are created here, and PlayBoxTechnology is honoured to be a part of their formation”, added Alex Stoyanov, Area Sales Manager at PlayBox Technology Europe.

Javier Sierra of Camilo José Cela University shared, “Completing this facility was a big challenge and step forward for our faculty. The contribution of world renowned brands to a real modern learning process will be a priceless asset for all our students to cherish”.


About PlayBox Technology Europe: PlayBox Technology Europe is a world renowned provider of software-based playout and CG solutions based on PlayBox software. More information is available at www.pbteu.com

PlayBox Technology Europe Press Contacts:

Alexander Stoyanov
E: marketing@pbteu.com

About Camilo José Cela University: UCJC, located in Madrid, is a forward-looking institution, uniquely placed to bridge the gap between traditional and modern times. More information is available at www.ucjc.edu

About ADDItelecom: Founded in 1993, Additelecom is a firm specializing in infrastructures for audiovisual communication and telecommunications. For more information, go to www.additelecom.com


Basmedia realized first 4K Playout powered by PlayBox

On November 1, 2015 Basmedia announced the first industry installation of a 4K Playout service for the French IPTV operator FREE, using 4K Combo broadcast server from PlayBox Technology Europe. PlayBox and Basmedia – its Netherlands added-value services provider – have become a preferred combination model for many clients in the country and beyond. PlayBox Technology Europe offers stable and cutting edge technology for broadcast solutions in parallel with Basmedia´s quality and efficient added-value consultancy, pre-sales and management services suitable for the demanding needs of the European Union market.

The supplied by PlayBox Technology Europe PBT EU 4K Combo Server is a Multiformat 4K/HD/SD PlayOut &CG solution that offers:

  • Seamless 4K PlayOut with CG branding, Multichannel Audio and Subtitling capabilities for the ultimate performance and viewer experience
  • Compatible with a vast variety of compression types and powered by advanced time-based scheduling with automated conflict resolution

“For the past 10 years PlayBox has provided us with innovative and reliable software-based playout solutions that are easy to install and to work with”, said Bas Ardesch, Founder of Basmedia.

“We already have several TV channels based on PlayBox playout, because PlayBox consistently offers innovative and cost-effective solutions combined with an impeccable after-sales service by a local partner in the Netherlands – Basmedia.”, added Jurjen Bron, CEO and Founder of Festival 4K, and Basmedia client.

“I am pleased that we have been able to help Festival 4K and Basmedia to launch this 4K channel. It’s a great example of a synergy between impeccable services, cutting edge software technology and latest generation COTS hardware resulting in a great complete broadcast solution”, said Alex Stoyanov, Area Sales Manager at PlayBox Technology Europe.

About Basmedia: With over 13 years of experience in the audiovisual and broadcast market, Basmedia is the preferred provider of complete playout services and solutions to many TV broadcasters. More information is available at www.basmedia.nl
About PlayBox Technology Europe: PlayBox Technology Europe is a world renowned provider of software-based playout and CG solutions based on PlayBox software. More information is available at www.pbteu.com

PlayBox Technology Europe Press Contacts:
Alexander Stoyanov
E: marketing@pbteu.com